custom packs for custom mando's


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This question not really about :jet pack more like equipment packs
Has any body built mission specific packs for there custom mando I.E. a com pack or stealth pack before? I want to start a pack for my custom and I am just looking for Ideas (pics would be great)


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Here's a concept for a com pack I made a few months ago. I'm still working out how exactly I want it to look. It has some traits I took from Fixer's pack.



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I was actually just working on some designs today. Now I just have to find out how feasible it is to make.


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I have a couple ideas myself, but I haven't drawn anything thing. Some time in the future I will, once school lightens up.

It'll have two rocket nozzles on the back (not the sides on the back), and both are under a couple slim covers. The center would have some greeblees inbetween the rocket sections, which would actually be the repulsar unit. This would give it speed + manuverability. There might also be a couple 2-D vector thrust rockets on the bottom, perhaps rectangular in shape.

Although my pack will be rocket/repulser pack, it'll have a spot for gun carry and a radio, kind of how SWAT carries their radios on their back (i think). But it should be to big.

Now that I've written it down, I'm getting some ideas. I'll get back to you on this soon.

Zivilin Bane

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I actually had a very similar plan when working on ideas for my custom mando.

i decided that using a series of universal clips on the vest would allow attaching a jet pack, a large Republic Commando-esque hard pack, and a a cape for formal or showy events and easily switch between them at your own leisure.

the republic commando packs seem like adding more of a hunchback to the armor but i really liked the idea of being able to carry a bag full of stuff and still be in character at conventions or other events

Dha Syntir

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I hadn't planned on using any kind of backpack other than the jet pack. I do want some kind of clone/stormtrooper belt with the small plastic box/pouches. I want to travel light for the most part, although I will be carrying a barrel for my CS-6 sniper rifle barrel and possibly the scope etc attached to the outside of my jet pack so I can just take them off and install them quickly. That's on one side, on the other I want to add two more gauntlet rockets and a couple extra darts for my dart shooter-right within hands reach to deploy them... ;)


Mand alor

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I'll be working on an 'ammo pack' shortly for my custom (a post-Clone Wars Null-7 Mereel variant).

Since I'll be carrying a Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon, I thought it would make sense to have a larger power source (much like the ammo pack Jesse Ventura wore in Predator)...after all, the Z-6 is more like a crew-served weapon than anything else.


I'll post some concept sketches as soon as I get around to drawing 'em.

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