custom mandalorian, black/yellow (pics)


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This is my final custom helmet, i decided to repaint, since it looked so bland...see post "my rubies"






ill update when i finish the gauntlets and new chest plate

how do i get the stalk to not bend so much? it is hollow with wires in it


dirtied up the yellow a little bit with artist chalk, its still shiny from the spray...



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The reason your RF leans in so much is because the way the RF earcop is made. The post inside of it is off-center, which is pretty common with rubies helmets. If this isn't a rubies then you can probably modify the post a little.
ok so i got most the suit together tonight, still missing 5 compass pouches for the web-belt and two double pocket ammo pouches for the sides, also still waiting on the cod peice and the knee pads, i used the wraps from the extra cape cloth for wraps around my shins, and i got a gas mask bag on my left side under the cape, also a scuba knife on my right shin, i made a belt out of 7 lairs of cotton knot rope or whatever it is, and wookie braids over my right shoulder out of the same rope, just some it painted black.




awsome, your legs look like mine though =P. Where are yur boots at? ROFL, you a messanger? Cause wit da bag you look like one. Nice job, and colors. YOu look like a bumble bee, stinger included ;)
hahaha i love black and yellow :D, i guess i could be messenger....maybe recon or something :) only boots i have are super shiny, i dunno though, maybe ill go for the boots when i finish the entire set
you could replace the bag with some hip ammo mag pouches but hey, can always use a bag for binocs, datapads(which i would like to see someone make), grenades or just car keys and your wallet!
haha data pad...hmmm , i used computer chips from an old digital camera for the grill of my helmet...maybe ill work on some data pads, while i wait for more stuff to come in the mail
The colour scheme is great, especially with the weathering!! Cloth round the shins looks good, im hoping to have some like that on my varient if It ever gets done. Cant wait to see pics of the finished thing!"! Z
Ooh, I like it. Yeah, I've been planning a black and yellow suit for a while, too. Don't worry, though; mines quite a bit different lol
thanks a lot :) as soon as those knees and cod comes in, it should be all set to finish....cant wait to see what you do what the colors crix

also, how do you guys get the knees on without velcro? i bought some elastic today, but how do i get it to stick to the plastic?
thanks a lot guys, really means a lot, yeah at first the chest plate was so supposed to be a dirty chrome...but i didnt like the way it looked on the black. i ended up taking the silver completely out of the set and redoing the helmet, painted the armor to the color you see now, and couldnt be happier with it
Yellow and Black work well, you have done a great job.... any pic of weapons... can see a leg blade, any other hardware.... keep up the great work..
so i added the leg armor, just to see how it looked...still dont know what im gonna go for...the cod is only temporary as it is designed for a stomach piece...i just flipped it upside down to see how the set would look complete with a cod piece....this is not the completed set...but very close to it!



i made my own neckseal my cutting up the back of a t shirt into a square...and then butting thick duct-tape(folded over to double side it) along the top of square and folding it over. after that i did the duct tape again along the next edge and repeated the process till it was nice and firm, then added velcro and wrapped it around...the extra shirt hanging off just goes down to under the collar of my flight fits very well and is pretty sturdy, considering its only a t shirt and duct tape :D

oh and every chest armor piece will be replaced by the end of the summer, as well as the helmet with a BM i just ordered :)

the current knee pads you see will also be replaced...and again, so will the cod...thanks for looking!
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