Custom Luke Skywalker ANH Belt and Costume

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes' started by NikTrooper, Jul 30, 2017.

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    Longshot, but I thought I'd try here first: my son wants to do a Luke Skywalker from ANH. He's got the same mop of hair. I'm trying to find someone who can do the smaller sized belt, and possibly provide the trousers and leg wrappings as well. Does anyone know of something?
  2. Archangel67

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    if its for a quick party or event its not hard to pull together.

    • White outer jacket (Karate Suit Top - slightly large)
    • Inner beige top - T Shirt
    • Trousers/Leggings - these were bleached denim jeans with the pockets removed
    • Leg and Boot wrappings - another bleached set of denims cut into strips .. these can be applied with low Tac 3M photo mount .. or permanantly as a separate component with velcro at the rear
    • Boots are easy - desert style boots
    • Belt - not difficult to make from off the peg belt ..
    • Belt 2 - long pouch is a WWII style ammunition pouch - Ebay
    • Belt 3 - 3 x Small pouches are WWII style ammo clip pouches - Ebay
    • Belt 4 - metal parts are Aluminam sheet cut to size and bent into shape - 1.5mm thickness ought to do for the buckle cover and hooks
    Once pulled together - weather everything so basically roll around in dusty sandy dirt or add some rattle can spray ...

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