Custom Helmet


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I finished my first attempt at my mando helmet today, and I think it came out well enough to share.




I'm planning on ordering the T-Visor sometime this week, along with giving a coat of clear coat, but aside from that its pretty much done unless I think of something.
I've always liked forest green and black together :).
Looks great so far, I'd say go for a little orange/red accents on the weathering for a rusting effect, 'specially on the slashes.
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Looks cool so far, but yeah, some carved battle damage would be good. And when are we gonna see some custom Mando buckets "without" the dent????
KidAkira said:
And when are we gonna see some custom Mando buckets "without" the dent????
Mine's got no dent. :D

Katarn! Looks good! I agree on the deep scratches. Take a dremel tool or a hobby knife and whittle out those scrapes. Like the color scheme as well.
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