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I was thinking of offering up my services to create custom earcaps and other greeblies for some of our Dented Variants. While working on my Jaster Mereel (Jango Fett:Open Seasons #1) costume, I learned many things about prototyping and mould making as well as resin casting. This might be a great way to keep people from referring to your custom as just some random repaint. Depending on what you need, I can probably create a one of a kind, or several sets of pieces for your helmet. The cost will depend on many things as far as time to create it and materials used (I'm reasonable). Check out these pics of my helmet.


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Interesting thought. That helmet looks pretty neat. I like the simple color scheme and weathering, btw. PM sent with a couple of questions.

If needed, I could also probably make a complete helmet from either a Mystery helmet or a Rubies. It all depends on what you need, I guess.
I've had a request for special armor pieces. I can do those as well as custom vinyl graphics. There's a place near my house that can take my photoshopped images and create stickers for my customs. Looks like Jaster's Armorwerks is officially open for business.
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