For Sale Cruzer jango blaster molds, Mr storm trooper helmet, clone trooper helmet kit, poseable mannequin

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Jr Hunter
I have a few things for sale here that I am clearing out, prices are in USD.
Any questions? Just shoot me a message.
Feel free to make me a reasonable offer on anything.

Jango fett westar 34 molds- $200.00
I bought these a while back from cruzer and just never really got a chance to justify the purchase only cast a couple blasters ever, I believe the mold is taken off a MR blaster. Castings will require some work to make look perfect.
Shipping on this will be very pricey as it is an extremely heavy item.
20200928_132605.jpg 20200928_132610.jpg 20200928_132557.jpg 20200928_132601.jpg 20200928_132523.jpg 20200928_132623.jpg 20200928_132642.jpg 20200928_132702.jpg 20200928_132548.jpg 20200928_132551.jpg 20200928_132530.jpg 20200928_132535.jpg

Masterreplica stormtrooper helmet- $170.00
Not much to say about this, the bucket is in excellent shape, spent most of its life sitting in a pillow case in a box, waiting for a better home.
20200928_133930.jpg 20200928_133942.jpg 20200928_133952.jpg 20200928_134003.jpg 20200928_134013.jpg 20200928_134024.jpg 20200928_134055.jpg

Clone trooper helmet kit -$120.00
This was an ebay grab quite some time ago that I never got around to working on. Helmet is cast in resin and will require a fair amount of sanding and filling to finish
20200928_135610.jpg 20200928_135621.jpg 20200928_135648.jpg 20200928_135640.jpg 20200928_135632.jpg 20200928_135714.jpg 20200928_135656.jpg

Fully poseable mannequin- $190.00
NO STAND INCLUDED!, shipping on this item will be extremely pricey as is and a stand really adds to that, a stand can be easily acquired else where and this mannequin is sturdy enough to stand on it's own in a corner without one when in costume.
This mannequin can be repositioned into just about any pose you wish, it stands about 6.0 feet tall. I have included photos to show what it looks like dressed up(boba outfit)
I have the mannequin "padded" right now to allow it a more filled out look when in costume(I can remove padding before sending if buyer wants) the neck on this mannequin is a litle loose as shown in the photos but this does not affect its stability to wear a helmet, also the back is a litle bit worn where the stand goes in but that doesn't hinder functionality in any way.
These guys usually go for ALOT more.
20200928_134943.jpg 20200928_134929.jpg 20200928_134952.jpg 20200928_135026.jpg 20190407_161018.jpg 20200928_135056.jpg 20200928_135040.jpg


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