Jet Pack Crookknight's ESB 3D Pack Design and Prototype


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I have been working on the design for a couple of months. Going for the ESB Boba Fett Jetpack. I took this one to see if we could come up with a lightweight, durable, and cost effective alternative. All parts are 3D printed ABS and hollow. Once I have the pack assembled, I will weigh it, but it should be less than 10 lbs. Thinking it might be around 5 lbs. Since we are 3D printing we are able to increase the level of detail. I had been posting the progress on BHG, but was told I could get better feedback on this site. Plus, I will be building a ESB Boba Fett, myself. The next trick is going to be painting and weathering. Below are some of the 3D renderings and some of the parts that have just arrived.






Here are most of the pieces. Keep in mind, I have not glued or screwed any parts together yet.



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I should have the remaining parts in next week. For now, I am going to start assembly. Painting will come last.


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The model looks great, but has lots of inaccuracies. I would strongly recommend (if you strive for accuracy) to check out the Gallery for images of the different jetpacks to see the differences between your model and the originals; as an example here's a link ==>Boba Fett Return of the Jedi Jetpack | Boba Fett Costume and Prop Maker Community - The Dented Helmet (disregard the 1st half of the images, as they show the ROTJ stunt made from rubber). I'm not trying to mock your build, just pointing out the inaccuracies noticed at a first look.


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Finally got the remainder of the parts. Here is what the full kit looks like. I am beginning assembly and will post pictures as I go. Feel free to comment. I am taking everyone's comments seriously, even if I do not respond directly to them. This is the prototype, so I do expect some issues with it.

Once together, I will have to prepare it for the paint and also have to make sure that it fits the existing harness systems well.

On another note, this thing is very light. Once together, I am going to weigh it and post the weight here.



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Where did you find the 3d printed files or did you make them yourself? I'd love to have a go at printing this.