crazyDewback\'s aluminum gauntlet missle project



crazyDewback's aluminum gauntlet missle project

Since my dad is into machining, I plan on letting him do my gauntlet missile from aluminium. I am sure he will be able to produce more than just one for me, so send me a message if you are interested.

First of all, I need a good blueprint of the missile. I noticed that there is a thread already having produced such a template. If I could be given this one by someone, I could start at once, but otherwise we could all work on making a new blueprint, discussing it and trying to make it perfect.

As soon as I receive a useable blueprint, I will be starting the project!!

::title change for consistency with the other two missle projects
No clue yet about the cost, but I will certainly try everything to keep the thing affordable. You'll just pay for the material used and the time I need to make it. I'll figure out a price when I receive the blueprints, because then I can conclude how much ali and time I'm gonna need for this project.
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If it will work with Jango I would like one depending on price.
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Is there a diference between Jango's missile and Boba's? Explain them to me and I'll do the necessary changes.

BTW I'm doing Jango's blasters too.
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Just received the first blueprint: Boba's gauntlet missile!

I will start on doing a detailed drawing first, and will begin machining this piece as soon as I can. I'll keep you updated in this thread, and will post any progress pictures here too.
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I think we ought to have a contest for these guys...

How about, first one that mass-produces 20 of these babies and offers them for under $100 apiece gets a free Mystery helmet! :eek:

Just kidding, guys, I don't even own one yet.

Look forward to seeing your work!
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I've waited patiently for over 3 years to see an aluminum missle project get into high gear and now there are three projects going on :)

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Hi pals,
Since the blueprint In received was FAR OFF PROPORTION, I just decided to work out my own template. I finished it today and the missles are in the making as we speak. I have some more info for ya all:

- Could be a problem to make the missle fit into your gauntlet, depending what size your arms and gauntlets are. Thus, anyone who is definitely interested in one, should just send me the wished length of the missle, in order to make sure it will fit your gauntlet!

- I am thinking about machining the missle without the "stripes", which are attached to the middle part. Would make the production easier and the price getting down.

Comments appreciated!
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Hi there,

the prototype missle for my own costume is finished!!
(Pics will be up soon, since I have no digi-cam myself...)
But I used THIS pic as reference, and the my version looks quite like it...
I worked put a price, regarding the work with the template, the material (copper, ali) and the hours of machining...

It's going to be 160 $ and believe me, it's more than fair.

This will reduce the people wanting one and since I will not have time to produce the missles in a row, I would rather like to get into contact with one acquirer at a time, to fgure out a more personal missle rather than offering you assembly-line-crap.
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