Conversion to McQuarrie Concept! WIP


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Hey y'all! (yes I changed my username)

I've always loved McQuarrie concepts and having a few poor resin casts of my EPV2 helmet lying around, I decided I'd try converting one to the more Fett-looking of the concept helmets:


Thats the one!
I've thought about maybe making the whole costume to go with it; but that would be a whole other project of its own.

I don't have a whole ton to show yet as this will be a work in progress.

BUT! Here's what I started on:

Here's my resin EP helmet cast:

Resin means warping with heat! Which, in this case is a good thing. This was one of my earlier castings so don't judge the unevenness of the resin, haha.


Since I find the more flared interpretations of this helmet to not suit my tastes, I took the heat gun to the helmet and made it more oval. I know, not ideal but eliminating that is more work than I'm willing to put in it and I really didn't want the flare. It's hard to tell exactly what's different in the picture below but I swear its different.


Kinda just eyeballed the new cheek shape.


and here we are!