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Hi guys ... any one had compare the armor colour with some figure ... I mean there is some figure that have an accurate colour ?? ... It could help at the moment for choosing the paint ...

If some one know for an accurate colour figure, please let me know :)
Since most of the action figures have bluish jumpsuits and dark green armor, I wouldn't put much faith in finding an accurate color match there. The only exception would be the Marmit figure which is about as accurate in details as you'll find. Since I don't own one (yet), I personally couldn't comment on the color match.
I do own a Marmit Fett, and I have to agree with BF in that the Marmit is the most accurately detailed action figure to date. That being said, all the details are not perfectly represented. So it's best to compare the Marmit with film stills when possible.

As far the color goes, I think the Marmit has an "over-all" ESB look to it, but I think the colors are way off from the real colors. The armor and gauntlets are too lime green. The helmet is an interesting color. It's not accurate but produces a good effect in various lighting. I don't think the jumpsuit color was very accurate either. In short, go by photos of the real deal, I haven't seen an action figure or bust get the colors right, yet.
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