Comparative post: Reinone Boots and Kenneth Cole Pitt Crew


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Hey guys, today i've received a pair of Reinone Boots size 10. I'm gonna make a comparative post beetween them. Of course we all know that a replica is never gonna be as good as a original item so I want to specify that what I want to do is a constructive critique, not a destructive one. Reinone has made a excellent work with them.

Lets see then, the diferences beetween them;

- In first place, there is a first preview pic beetween them two. I also must say that KC are size 11 and Reinone are size 10.


1- These are for me the most significative diferences. Sole and silver-armor parts. The sole gap is too much rectum in the Reinone one's while in the originals they have some curvature. The silver-armor marked in the pic is too short in Reinone's one in comparation the to KC.

2- The silver armor parts have a curvature that the originals don't have. The armor parts of the original are completely flat:

3- And here are some diferences not as significative as the first two:

4- Finally a sole comparative pic, where you can guess the diference beetween materials used on each boot.

So in conclusion I can say that Reinone's boots looks for me too much plastic. Of course a replica boots are not gonna use as good cuality material's as the original ones.

Good things (y) :
- A great replica boots, very comfortable with a 100% new soles.
- Great and very accurate colour on the fabric zone.

Bad things (n) :
- Material's not as good as I expected
- Some diferences In sole and silver-armor parts

I want to be sure of no one is misinterpreting me. I have nothing against reinone, its JUST a comparative post beetween Originals and Replicas. :cheers

I'm not sure about selling my KC yet but if I do I'll let you know.

One user talked me about making a mold of my KC. I think he was MoW but I'm not sure so please shoot me a PM and we could talk about that :)
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Another significant difference is the width of the ankle from front to back. You can't really beat the durability and comfort of Reinones, though. I've never tried a KC.
Looks to me that reinone actually used a Bed Stu sole for the mould and not a pair of KCs. I would think that is hy there are minor differences.
Thanks for posting some good pics of my boots.:)

Just to clear some stuff. The soles are not cast by me. They were available to my boot maker during the time of production. They are basically knock off of the the KC's so some differences are mandatory. Also keep in mind that your boots are a variation on the Kc boots used in the movie and not completely accurate. The only thing I would be interested in seeing pics of is the construction of the top part by the pull string.
I tried my best to acquire the most accurate soles and these were the only ones in the market. I went straight to the manufacturer with a pair of bed stu shoes for comparison and I was told that they can't make the the soles in the same rubber as the bed stu's. (The sole on the bed stu and the kc's are exactly the same.) Although the casting is not perfect, like some air bubbles, They told me that the material is called "TR" rubber, what ever that means? And that is a far more superior material than the ones used on the KC's. Which basically means that they will last longer than the KC's as evident on the KC's in your pics. The only draw back is that they are more glossier so I guess plasiticy is the word, but don't think that just because they are shinier that they are cheap boots. The leather is also glossier but is very durable and not cheap.

I know that there is room for improvement in my shoes but they are made with quality in mind by a boot manufacturer who does excellent work. Also they were made almost 3 years ago and till this day no other KC pit crews like the movie version has surfaced in collector's hands, and until then a perfect replica can be made.
If I wasn't so busy with my business a 2nd version would have been made already. The shop is waiting for my call.

They told me that the material is called "TR" rubber, what ever that means? And that is a far more superior material than the ones used on the KC's. Which basically means that they will last longer than the KC's as evident on the KC's in your pics.

My souls are still "like new". Looking forward to trooping many more walks and parades! (y)
I just wanted to remember you that the KC on the image is not the design/model used on Jango Fett. The sole of the boots is the same, only. ( see the image attached )

Closely examining my boots which are actually shoes my sole is exactly the same as the screen used soles. My shoes are Bed Stu Lunars. Now that I am thinking its possible that Reinone sculpted his own sole? Is this possible?
I have been impressed many times with fan made props, but a replica boot is a very rare thing indeed.
I am both amazed that these were ever made, & with the awesome quality.

yep, just wanted to say thanks reinone. I was lucky enough to come across a new pair of yours that had been sittin on someones shelf since your run, and they are hands down the most comfy boots I've ever trooped in, and well, hell they look totally bad @ss too :lol:
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