Flight Suit Colour


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Does anyone know if there is a "specific" colour for the Jango Jump Suit?

I'm not one of these "colour describers" such as "Ocean breeze blue" etc. But for the sake of accuracy and OCD, has there ever been a Colour Name given to the cloth? Maybe I'm being a little picky, or do other Jango's just go for a blue/purplish colour that sort of matches.

Thanks in advance.


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I take it that is a "technical term" then...... I'll be diligent and search out "Blurple" then....ahahahahaha. Thanks


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There absolutely is no specific color. The blurple color is exactly what it should be. In some light it will appear bright blue and in other light it will appear purple.

I looked for a pair of pics that I have taken on the same day, the color variation is crazy, but I couldn't find them. The way to achieve the color is to use a combination of of blue, purple and pearl grey.