Color Dye for and ESB flightsuit and pouches


Jr Hunter
Hello TDH members,

Iam starting my ESB project this coming year and i want to do it correctly and accurate.
Now iam looking for a correct flakvest which isn't that much of a hard job but the jumpsuit colour concerns me.
Iam using the outfit of Jeremy Bulloch as a reference for some stuff and i really like the colour "blue" on his jumpsuit

I found a company in my country (Netherlands) that sells handwash dye's and i think i found the correct colour (anyway it comes near the colour of Jeremy's)

So what do the TDH ESB experts say, does it look good, i think it is a good colour blue;) iam not sure so thats why i need your help on this.



Billy, try looking here for ideas. He's making a ROTJ Fett, but process should be similar.


Hi I’m Bobert!
Here's the guide I followed when I had to dye a MOW flight suit! Came out really well for me.