collar armour


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Hi, im just starting out on the long path to my fett gear and have printed off the WOF templates for armour for my size, everything seems fine but the collar armour is way off, just very little depth to the neck area and not enough side to connect to the back plate, any help please ?


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You might need to adjust it for your body type and I would create both the collar and back piece together so you know they overlap for the key studs.


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I'm 5'9 , i printed the same size on all pieces as you can see the chest armour is in theory a match for the collar, the chest pieces fit me great, just guess i'll have to draw out my own...


I think if you place the collar piece in front of your neck where you want it and then add length to the over the shoulder areas, for the overlap
with the back armor, you'll have a good starting point for further adjustments. Templates are just starting points. You'll be adjusting a ton of things as you
work through a Fett build. TDH will help you figure it out.