Collar and chest armour

Boba Al

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Hi there guys,

Im almost finished. I was wondering how everyone attached their collar armour and chest armour to their flak jackets and does both these pieces overlap and bolt together ie the collar armour sit on top of the back armour??? Ive been trying to find photos of how it sits... im making an ESB Boba.

The armour is BM by the way.


With the collar armour, I used heavy duty, self adhesive velcro and stiched it on the vest for extra grip. the collar overlaps the backplate(as in sits on top) by an inch or so and also attached it at the shoulder using the velcro. The same velcro fixes the chest armour very well, as long as you stitch it to the vest for extra support. Dont forget to add the shoulder 'bolts' to give it the 'bolted on' look- I used an old computer keyboard and painted the keys- looks as good as any bolt kits available and cost me nothing!! Good luck with the costume, post pics of your progress- I'll be posting some of mine soon dude!!!
Thanks spike!!!

Really appreciate your help ill definitly go down that line of attaching the armour!!


Here's how I did mine, I don't actually attach the back or collar to the vest because the collar and back lock together as shown.

The screws that you can see are attached on the underside of the back armor with bondo, The bolts are embedded inside the shoulder studs with Bondo. The collar slots onto the back armor and the shoulder studs just screw it together nicely.

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