Cold as "Ice", baby !


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Ok, pretty LAME title, I know :lol: But it got your attention didn't it? ;)
This casting is actually "as cold as ice" though. Or in this case, real aluminum :lol:

It may have appeared that Fettpride went AWOL again in the last 3 or 4 weeks. But not true. I've been diligently working away at finishing molds for Boba/Jango Guants, updated BF Armor, and some other Jango goodness.

Just thought I'd give peak at one of my pet projects. Everyone is well aware by now that I obtained the Jango helmet molds cast from the original ILM prop. I've been experimenting with aluminum binding the castings. This was a pretty good casting that I thought I'd get some feedback on from you good folks. It's not that shiny because it hasn't been polished yet. Just a quick buff with "0000" steel wool, nothing special. Imagine what it'll look like when it IS polished :lol:

This will not be something that I will always be offering, because it's more of a pain in the butt to cast this way. More expensive, yada yada :lol: But I thought it was pretty neat. Besides, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of Jango fans anymore anyway ;) :lol:

On a side note (isn't there always a side note in my posts?) ...

The restored ear cap can be seen in the middle of the collage. I started a thread about this ear cap sometime ago with not a whole lot of feedback. But this is what it looks like in its restored state. As some of you may know, the original pieces (molds) were in pretty poor condition where the ear cap is concerned. I will still provide original castings for posterity, but they would NOT even be useable for displaying on a helmet casting, let alone trooping. So it needed to be restored for functionality. The front and back portion of the cap were intact, however, the middle portion was pretty eroded. Bottom line is that the ear cap was restored from the original "buck" casting that was used to make the current molds that I had acquired, so no shrinkage during the revitalization. For all intents and purposes, this is EXACTLY the ear cap that you would see on film, as it was restored using the original pieces. There was only one washed out detail that could not be definitively restored, and that is one of the mounting holes on the rear of the cap was too eroded to even make a guess. So it was left off of the restored piece. It is cast as a one piece unit, back and front. When the originals were made, they were initially 2 caps just like Boba. But during production, the separate caps were permanently assembled making them a unit. This was done to accept the newer RF stalk base. The RF stalk is confirmed non-moveable. It simply slides in and out of a single track, standing straight up. It is machine screwed from the rear of the cap, into a threaded hole in the bottom of the stalk, and the cap is bolted to the helmet. Pretty cool actually. I'll provide more pics of that later if anyone is interested.

Lemme know guys and gals!

As always, thanks for all your patience. Look for my redesigned Jango Gauntlet posting this coming week.


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Yeah yeah, but it is the wrong color, Jango isn't all silver, where's the blue???

:lol: Man, that just looks absolutely outstanding. I can't believe that isn't painted. LOVE IT!!! I think it is the perfect shine as it is, I think a lot of folks go way to shiny (like chrome) and it is not that shiny in person. It is so nice to finaly have a helmet in which the right ear cap is correct and not having to be modified from Boba's and still not being right. Now if only we could figure out the exact colors for the blues, and we would have the PERFECT Jango helmet!! Beautiful job FP!!!

p.s.- yup, super lame title but it DID get my attention!

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That looks freaking incredble!
I'd love to hear more about the "aluminum binding" process and how it works to look so much like real aluminum :)