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Hi to all
This is my first time on these forums so sorry for any newbie
mistakes.OK I'm using 3mm PVC sheet to make my cod added the tear drop so that makes 6mm in total but it's hard to tell from the ref pics I have how thick the front of the cod piece
is any help in this matter would be great
Thanks for the pic nice and clear.
The material I am using is the same as plastic guttering is made of over here in the UK dark grey but in sheet form about 2ft x 3ft bends in boiling water. I was going to use car filler on the edge between the tear drop and the main body of the cod, sanding it down to give it a more rounded shape so it looks like one piece (hope that made sense)
OK, you may want to do a test piece first. Bondo (car filler) doesn't stick worth beans to Sintra (PVC) so try a pce to make sure it won't shear off with the slightest twist.
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