Armor Cod Piece loop


Is there a template or pattern for the little loop piece that attaches on top of the cod plate that the holster rig passes through? I searched through the history of this sub-forum and didn't really find anything. Thanks!


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Look through the Cruzer builds, pretty sure it is a piece of something like 1” PVC pipe cut in half heated and formed into more of a D shape and glued to a piece of styrene or abs. Then mounted to the COD.

Some close in shots here.
Jango build for a member
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Yea I was hoping someone had a flat pattern or template for that piece. I didn't want to have to eyeball the length and width and arc of the cuts from a photograph. Looks like that is the best option at the moment.


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I didn't/couldn't find a pattern for this particular part so I had to scratch build it myself using reference images. I determined the overall size I need it to be, cut out a section of Sintra, heated and curved it to about where I felt it looked right, then, eyeballing it, made the cuts to the sides to get that distinct look. Then cleaned and painted it. It's not perfect but it worked out. I am having a hard time trying to keep the thing from falling off though.