clown3y's ESB Boba Build


My build has been a journey of almost three years now: Because a lot has changed on my build since 2018, I found it to be the best idea to just start over and put up a new thread instead of revisiting the old one. :)

My parts list (green: in hand, blue: ordered, orange: still needed)
  1. Helmet
    1. Wasted Fett Fugly ESB Helmet Kit
    2. OpleProps T-Visor
    3. Elstree Precision Borden Connector #31
  2. Armor
    1. Bobamaker V3 ESB Armor Kit
    2. Wasted Fett Hero ESB Cod Piece
    3. Bobamaker Metal Knee Darts
    4. Klaus' Frässtüberl Chest Display
  3. Gauntlets
    1. RKD ESB ABS Gauntlet Shells
    2. RKD supplied Metal Darts
    3. MachineCraft hollow Gauntlet Rocket
    4. 3D printed Eveready Minilight with LED
    5. Combatbaby Metal Flame Thrower
  4. Jet Pack
    1. DVH V3 Jet Pack Main Body
    2. DVH V4 3D printed Thruster, Rocket and Caps
    3. Dark Side Metal Jetpack Collar
    4. Dark Side Jetpack Thruster Greeblie
    5. Dark Side Jetpack Beacon
    6. Dark Side Jetpack Stabilizer
    7. MachineCraft Jetpack Side Greeblie
    8. Dental File
  5. Jet Pack Frame / Jet Pack Harness Rig
    1. K@nne Jetpack Harness
    2. full metal fett Diver's Belt Buckle
    3. full metal fett Jet Pack Harness Buckles, Clips etc.
  6. Blasters
    1. Sidewinder EE3
    2. EE3 Sling
    3. Bobamaker Pulce 40 cast
    4. Bobamaker Nemrod Holster cast
  7. Soft Parts
    1. Lonestar Flightsuit
    2. Lonestar Neck Seal
    3. Lonestar Flak Vest
    4. Lonestar Pouches
    5. Man of War Studios Boots
    6. MachineCraft Toe Spikes
    7. Man of War Studios Wool Cape
    8. Woodman ESB Wookiee Braids
    9. Mike M. ESB Gloves
    10. Man of War Studios Girth Belt
    11. Woodman Leather Ammo Belt
  8. Shin Tools
    1. Paterson Squeegie
    2. Paterson Chemical Stirrer
    3. Klaus Frässtüberl Anti Security Blade
    4. Klaus Frässtüberl Rod Shin Tool thingy

I'll give you guys updates once anything happens! Next up will be priming the armor and painting it.
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Seems I got super lucky! I have managed to grab a genuine Pulce 40 this week :) It'll likely be with me by next week, pictures will soon follow!


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I'm curious as to how heavy it will really feel! My Bobamaker Pulce is only about 100 grams lighter than a Pulce with all the doodads still attached :unsure:
Well it can’t be any worse than carrying a 17 pound M249 SAW on a 12 mile ruck sack road march in the US Army. :p;)(y)

...and yeah, that day sucked!



My genuine Pulce 40 arrived today! Judging by the wear and tear that this thing has, it has been used a lot, which gives it all the more character.

I‘m over the moon with it. :D
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