Clear braided hoses????

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I can't seem to find flexible clear braided hoses for my ROTJ gauntlets. I have white ones. The clear ones I did find are way to stiff. The white one was for a removable shower head.

Can anyone help? :(

I got my Jango hoses at OSH. They had them by the foot, and I got exactly how much I needed --no waste. The hoses started off clear, so I dyed them blue with navy-colored Rit dye. I think they are more or less the same as the Boba hoses (before they were dyed, of course), and were very flexible. I believe they were of the 1/4" inner-diameter variety.
Well, Jango's got five hoses, and depending on how tall you are you might need them to be 8 inches apiece, or 12 inches. Measure yourself to see how much you need, and order accordingly. You might want to get a little more than you need just to be safe. I believe the material it was made out of was vinyl.

Hope that helps! :D

Jedi-Bob wrote:

I can't seem to find flexible clear braided hoses for my ROTJ gauntlets. I have white ones. The clear ones I did find are way to stiff.
Can anyone help? :(

Bob, The clear flexible hose will be stiff, it is just the way they are, I have never run across any clear hose that wasn't.

I think 3/8" OD is the size you want, i have used the 1/4" OD in the past and it is too small.

But they will be stiff, you'll only need about about 1 1/2' for each hose.

There are clear hose that are alot more flexible than the braided one, I only used one braided hose for the right side on the top. Frankly I cannot see putting 3 of those stiff hoses on one side, I tired and when i moved my arm the gauntlet just turned on my wrist.

IT is padded inside to, but it was so stiff that after last halloween I ripped it right off there becuase I was feed up with it looking like crap and sticking out way to far all night.
Here's mine

If you want accuracy you need to go with the clear braided hose if not, then go with just a clear hose that is more flexable.

I have used this hose for years and I have never had a problem, my guantlets stay in place just fine.

Jedi Bob I will help you with the hose problem.I know you found the flexible white ones at Home Depot. Their is indeed a section where they sell ''kithen sinks''suplies and they indeed do have just the braided ''clear and smooth flexible'' hose wich you are looking for. It comes in a clear package for about $7.00 bucks its somewhere between 3ft long and the kit comes without a black nozzle''just the hose itself''. Its more like a repair kit.Let me know how you make out with your search for these hoses. I can get them for you by next weekened just LMK.
I remember seeing an old post where the clear braided hose was scavanged from a soda pop dispenser. Apparently the hose was quite flexible. Worth checking into.
Didn't someone mention the sink hose adapter for kitchen sinks have 3/8" braided hose and is "more flexible"?? I seem to remember something as such in the past. I have the standard 3/8" braid on an ESB and since it's only one don't have a problem.
Oh, man! I had about 2 meters left from my previous suit, if i still had it you would have got it for free:/
I threw it away when i moved a couple of month ago..

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