CIII Pictures and Highlights


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I dont think this has been started yet so i will do it as i am starting to get ready and get things out of the way for this weekend.

Mirax was nice enough to stick this to the top of the Sarlacc Pit so we can all post our pics and links to pics here for all to see. Especially those who arent able to attend. It will be your virtual visit to C3

I will try to upload pics each night since my hotel has broadband....
...if I am not too drunk

They will be here


Heres one of my favs so far. As JangoFett Jr put it. "Feel the love TDH Style."

In the middle Boba is JangoFett Jr, The Arc Clone is his brother Nick, Tusken is Eddie(E2K13). Great to have met all of you. Had a blast....

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:lol: Turo you're cheating!

Actually, I guess you were just planning ahead, huh.
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Is that a slightly altered Clone of Jango?? :lol:

Height is pretty much dead on too.
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BTW be sure to see me handing out PEZ from my jango fett pez dispenser in armor no less :lol:

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Man, if that costume was still wearable, I'd have it for C3. Sadly after wearing that once, it burst at the seams (hence the well placed duct tape) :(
Someone find me a set of the old Boba Fett underoos and I'd totally sport those!
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Heh heh... you'll be suprised how he's grown!

I was with him and Ray over the weekend here in NZ, if anybody catch's up with Ray tell him Dean says 'hi!'
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I was just listening to the local classic rock station, and they have a DJ at C3. He stopped a guy in a Jango costume and talked to him and it was TDH's own petepurin. Rock on, Pete!
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