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Found this website that sells adhesive chrome sheeting (they have a brushed aluminaum style too!) and supposedly the best chrome paint available.
Has anyone ever heard of it?
Would be sweet for Jango...

heres a link to the brushed aluminum sheeting, it would be perfect to put over our plastic armor pieces:

but how to do the helmet??
i wonder how far 8oz. would go and if it would be cheaper to get "real chrome"... i'm curious... i actually was looking for something like this. I've used Alclad II - which is great - but this stuff looks WAY better.

Anyone know how much it would cost to get a full head sized item "chromed"¿
I've been looking into getting a fiberglass jango helmet chromed and it looks like itll cost around 100 bucks. if you enter "chroming" into any search engine youll come up with places that do it. Theres actually some pretty cheap place out there!


I do a lot of scale modeling. There is a self-adhesive foil metal sheet produced by; wait for it... Bare Metal Foil

It's pretty easy to work with. Just cut it into strips to go around curves, like on a helmet. Burnish it down with a q-tip or tooth pick. Use fine sandpaper along the edge so it gets really thin before overlapping with the next strip. Sand that one too, so you can get rid of the hard edge. Polish with metal polish and you're done!

Other things you can try are HVAC metal tape found at Home Despot, Lowes, etc. Use the same method above.

Bare Metal Foil makes adhesive for their foil as well. Got some shiny aluminum foil in the kitchen? Use the adhesive on that. Works great! I've seen metal finishes on 1/48 scale aircraft done with household aluminum foil! Sound absurd to me at first, but the results are fantastic!

A few years ago, I read in Fine Scale Modeling (FSM) of a guy who would chrome model parts. Not sure if he is still in business, and I'm not sure if he could do something as large as a bucket. I could look up the article for anyone, or you can ask FSM directly.

That stuff looks interesting, and considering how it's applied, 8oz would be more then enough to paint a helmet, but then there lies the delima. Do you want to spend $150 on paint for a helmet :lol: The Jango I can understand because of the amount of chrome you actually see, but the Boba, a very good chrome paint would be cheaper. If I was really good with painting and on my 3-4th helmet and that specific that I needed to have such a shine on my stuff, I might try it, but $150 seems a bit much to paint a rubies or Dp helmet :p
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