Child Sized Fett Helmet - MOLDS FINISHED ! !

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Child Sized Fett Helmet - UPDATE 11/06/09

Since I no longer offer my wares on this forum, arrangements are in the works for Cruiser to take possession of this entire project. Sorry the pics no longer work, as this is a very old thread, but maybe Cruiser, or anyone else with one of these helmets, might post a pic.

Here's what I got so far - very rough. This started out the weekend as a toy army helmet. Saturday, I pulled a quick plaster mold of the dome, and fiberglassed it while it was still warm. Then formed aluminum around it in a flared tube shape, and glassed that. Sunday, I measured, marked, and began the cheeks. Next weekend, I'll probably finish roughing it out, and work on detailing it(band, vents, etc.). When that's done, it'll get sprayed with gelcoat to seal it, then wet-sanded and molded. I'll do the ears and rangefinder once I have a first pull. :)



I'm guessing it's between 2/3 and 3/4 size of my helmet. Mine's about the size of a DP '95. It still has a ways to go, but you can get an idea of the size. Ignore the t-visor drawn on. it was more for checking symetry at this point. It will have much more squint when it's finalized.
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I can add a dent, by using a piece of clay in the mold, if someone wanted to make it into a (heaven forbid :lol: )Boba helmet.
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Finally... the perfect helmet for Mirax!! :)

If its geared more for kids as you say, you might want to leave the visor big for safer visibility. ;)
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WPK, I'm surprised you had no comment on my Boba jab. ;)

The visor squint will be more accurate in shape and size, than pictured, BUT can be trimmed larger if a concerned parent wishes, since this will have a back-mounted visor. Thanks for all the encouregement guys and gals. In these times when everyone's looking for bigger buckets, ole JD goes and makes a smaller one. :lol:
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Wow, I think that is a great idea. And fantastic job(y) Im sure there will be a lot of happy little Fetts in the near future:D
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sweet! and with all the new fathers (and old) on this board Im sure these are gonna be in DEMAND!!!!
dude - you never cease to amaze me!
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Wow! That looks great! If you decide to sell a couple of these, I am definately IN!

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I like it! So, what classification of the JD line is this one going to be called? How about the "JD Mini-Me".
Man...your going to make a lot of little ones very happy!
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Thanks everyone, but it's still got a ways to go. Keep checking this thread for updates. When it's done, I'll offer kits of this helmet. I don't have a price yet, because I don't have a full idea of what's involved in running these, until I get the first pull. As always, I'm interested in trades for stuff I don't have yet. :love
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You're SICK! The only thing that'll fit in this bucket is a child's head. SICK SICK SICK :p
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