Chicago Photoshoot Pics

Art Andrews

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OK, here I am again in Chi-town.. actually in the metropolis known as Kenosha, WI... Took pics of SithCamaro's Sauron this morning... Waiting on him to get dressed in his child-molester suit next (Willy Wonka).


TK Fett

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you were right child molester suit. How fast are you guys anyway, this was just over a half our from the first suit. He undressed, dressed, got pics taken, edited, and posted them. Amazing! Super nice pics of some really cool suits too.

Jangos kid

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Braks you are turning into a real pro at taking pics!!!!!!!! Great shots there. Absolutely love the Sauron. Willy Wonka is really scaring me though:lol:


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Um, yeah, I can see Toby standing there saying "Ah yes! I'll take one of those, and one of those... OH! and one of those!" Unfortunately, he's standing in an orphanage at the time.... ewwwwwwwwwwwwww. Actually, cool beans guys!


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As someone who fancies himself an amatuer photog, I gotta say Brak's, you are awesome. (y) You always find the perfect angle/view for the shot. I love the pics so far, can't wait to see the rest.

Jango Wes

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I'm at Seeker's right now. Yeah, I brought the CG. I picked up the jacket on the way here. The only thing is, the barrel of my M-4 is too short to use the bayonet so I have to figure out a way to rig it up. I brought CG and Stargate Atlantis. Brandy has SG:A, Slave Leia and Jedi. Not sure if she will do the Jedi though. Depends on time.