Chicago Photo Shoot

Art Andrews

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Some of my TDH buds from Chicago invited me up to take photos of their costumes. Thought I would share with you.

Day 1.
After staying up until 4:30am Friday morning watching dgasser get his butt kicked continually at Ghost Recon, sithcamero came over and we shot non-stop for almost 10 hours!!! Here are a couple of the pics of his costumes.







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OMG! He's come along way on Willie Wonka! Where did he get the goggles, I'd love a set of those!!
You as Mike TV that is hilarious!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Great Pics thanks for sharing... love to see some more.


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That's an interessting take on the Hamburglar.


Oh and that Braks guy is one OK photographer, and not gay no matter what you have all heard.


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I was there this afternoon, Art was bushed, so Jose and Dana took the pics. I brought My trooper... however, I never seemmed to get it on, most of the pics were taken on the bed.. er, um.... nevermind!


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Toby, Turo, Jodo, Dana and everyone in that group are some helluva talented artists, somehow calling them costumers just dosent seem to befit the talent, time, effort and love they pour into this hobby and their costumes.

As usual , looking fantastic

You guys are an inspiration to us all, amazing stuff :cheers

Great pic's Brak
If you want I could teach you how to do a great looking saber in less then 5 min if you have photoshop, there's actually several ways of doing it.


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Wow, you got those up fast!

Big thanks to Art, Dana and Jose for helping me with the photos and direction with the poses.