Chest Lights: Fettronics v Hotpockets


Just a quick question about the two options for chest lights; which one do you recommend? I'm leaning towards Fettronics because it's cheaper and more importantly has a lower profile than the Hotpockets one so it's less likely to stick out or stick in me, but I was just wondering if the Hotpockets version had any benefits the Fettronics one doesn't.

How do they compare size-wise? I have FP v4 armour which is on the small size so if the HP version was smaller, that would sway me.

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Your gut is right. The lower profile is reason enough. Size wise theyre both slightly oversized.... Fettronics did a run years ago with original sized parts a few of us got them REALLY legit. The numbers and the bars are smaller (by a fraction) which lets you cut the hole in the chest to the correct size. Either way I recommend Fettronics....
Slimmer profile, cost, and availability were what swayed me to get a Fettronics. I got the Rafalfett sequence and I am very happy with what I received. Jon works and ships quickly.

To be fair though, I have talked with a few members who love their hotpockets boards. I will probably look to get one down the road after completing my build to see which one I like better through practical comparison.


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I have a hotpockets chest set and while I like it overall, I do not like how much it sticks out. so for my next set I will be using something with a lower profile.


Fettronics offers a 3xAA and 4xAA battery pack option. What are the differences in battery length? I sent a message to Fettronics a couple weeks ago, but I haven't had a reply. Also in regards to which sequence to choose, is it the Rafalfett sequence that most people pick these days?


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Sorry I'm late to the party. Also, Jesuit24, I'm sorry I didn't get your message!

When I first designed the light set using the PIC chip, I did a battery life test to see how long 3 AA batteries would last. I kept it running for 3 days straight before stopping the test, not because the batteries died, but because I figured no one would be trooping for 3 days straight, so what was the point if they lasted longer :)

If you get the light set with red LEDs, the 3AA battery pack works fine. The red displays I use are very bright at lower voltage and don't really require a 4th battery. The other colors take a bit more power to light, so a 4AA pack would be a better choice for those.


Thanks for the info in this thread. I'm hoping to order chest lights in the next few weeks, and was really curious about what the difference between the two was.