CC Vs RnB Matchmaking

Nyx Mandalore

Jr Hunter
I recently acquired a Bobamaker CC Jango helmet, and given that spring is coming and temperatures will be warm enough for painting, I've started looking at getting it ready for paint.

So here's my question, how closely does CC match RnB when properly finished out? (sanded, wooled, etc)

The CC helmet has always looked dark to me but then again I'm sitting in a moderately lit room with incandescent lighting. NOT the best conditions. I rarely get home before dark due to a two hour commute and have not been able to take it outside to view it in true light.

So before I go wailing away with more sandpaper and wool and ruin the CC accidentally, I'm curious as to how similar these two should look since I have RnB available to me and can compare.

Also, what suggestions are there for bringing up the shine of the CC? Daz mentioned wool and "aluminum polish" to me. I confess I'm not familiar with the latter. Anyone tried it?




Well-Known Hunter
I've found that the cold cast in natural light will always appear darker then R&B. However, when I've seen both in bright light/flash, they've appeared almost identical


Well-Known Hunter
Yeah they can get really close. Some people make their cold cast too dull and some people make their RnB too bright. The trick is somewhere in the middle. I find that highly polished cold cast matches RnB that's been hit with 0000 steel wool quite well.