Cargo Hold or E-bay?


Okay, I've wasted hours in frustration over a little Zam-piece for the last time. I don't have the expertise to complete this costume. I don't have the money to get it right. I wore out my reference CD and it won't work anymore. I don't have the patience or time to mess with any piece that I'm missing. No more costumes for me except those that just involve sewing. Even Mon Mothma is starting to look good!

Does anyone have any advice for selling a half-a-Zam? The only decent pieces I have are the helmet, gun and skirt, and a few greeblies. I don't have a good camera or webcam to put up decent photos, although I can try with what I have ($20 digital camera). My son the TK who used to do that kind of thing for me is now in a different state!

I've put things on E-bay before, so I do know how to do that. But is there any use, when all Serious Zammers haunt this site? Should I avoid the E-bay fees by just using the Cargo Hold?
Sorry to hear you're giving up on Zam. :( You're not the first... probably won't be the last. Sure you don't want to just shelve it for a while... come back to it later. I know I did that and wasn't sorry I kept the Zam. Can anyone in the FL Garrison help you out with the costume? I don't know any Zam's there, but I do know some of the troopers who might be able to help with some of the more difficult parts of this costume. :)

If you're serious about selling it off, I would try the cargo hold first. But you're gonna need pics either way. Even a $20 digital camera will do. Does a friend have a better camera if you're unhappy with yours. If it doesn't sell in the cargo-hold, you've lost nothing and can still put it on eBay.
I don't have the storage space to keep her, plus....this might sound weird, but unfinished projects just have a way of bugging me, no matter how definitely I have shelved them. It's best to just be done with her and move on to something else.

If I can get the $20 camera charged and to work at all, I'll try getting her up on the Cargo Hold.....
Sorry to hear this. It's never nice but is how I managed to get all my stuff for Becky, so in a way you could make someone else's dream come true too :)

I'd suggest the cargo hold as people who come on her should know how much stuff is worth, plus the 'happy family' attidude of a web board tends to let people trust you more and spend that little extra ;)

Very sorry to hear you're giving up. Better luck with the next one
I'd say go Cargo Hold for three reasons

1) you dont have to pay to put it up for sale

2) you are selling directly to your target customers

3) people on TDH are generally more trustworthy than E-bayers
I appreciate the advice and comments!

Looks like I'll have to buy a new camera to get some photos up- no big deal since I have other things I need to photograph as well, for E-bay. Hopefully I'll have it on the Cargo Bay before the weekend.
The helmet is sold; thanks to all who p.m.ed me about it.

I hope to get a new camera and get photos of the Other Stuff up in the Cargo Bay next week. I'm enjoying an out-of-town weekend; woo-hoo.
Sorry for taking so long. I did buy a digital camera, and this weekend I WILL find batteries, install the software, learn how to use it all and figure out how to post pics. It's my number-one task for the weekend.
sorry to hear your throwing in the towel can be taxing and frustrating at times...good luck on your next costume endeavor
Where did the pm buttons go?

If you click on the the person's name on the left side, another screen opens and it will give you a listing of available contact options. PM's should be on the right side - run your mouse over the "Private Message" option and click and "boom" you're there!

Or ... you can go to "My Helmet" and on the left side is a whole list of options and you can choose the "Private Message" option, but you'll need to remember that person's screen name exactly as it is spelled. Something, I'm horrible at!

If you're still having problems, let me know! :)
Yeah, if anything you might as well offer it first on TDH just to see if anyone here needs any of the peices before putting it on Ebay, and to boost, TDH dosent charge you to put things up for sale....Although I heard a nasty rumor at C4 that The Dent was short on rent this month, so you may want to hurry up and add it to the Cargo Hold. :lol:p;):)
Sorry, I'm using this to test whether I've figured out how to add a photo with my new camera... if this works, I'll go take more photos and start on the Cargo Bay ad.


Wow, thanks to ZamIAm for posting how to do if I had known to buy a memory card for the camera, I could take more than 2 photos at a, ya'll quit laughing at me.
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Wow! I figured out how to put the actual image up!!! Hurray!

I wonder if I can do it again....

Well, it worked for awhile, and then just quit working so I just pasted the whatchacallit in the posts...anyway, I've got my Cargo Hold thread up there, at last.
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