Can't seem to find Spruce green and masking fluid.

Simon Fett

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I can't seem to find RustOleum Spruce Green paint in Canada... anyone knows where I could get it?

Also, I have tried to find some masking fluid but didn't find anything...

I have all the others colors on hand and want to re-do my painting on my costume but really need this green color and the masking fluid will greatly help me make it more ''realistic''.

You should be able to find the masking fluid in a electronics component store. It's used to mask PCB's from Solder...the stuff I have is pink.

You won't find RustOleum Spruce Green paint in Canada...
If you check at an arts and crafts store, you may be able to find masking fluid. It's usually on the aisle with the oil/acrylic paints.
I haven't found any Rustoleum Spruce Green (as effectively, it never was available to Canada) but I think I have found a suitable alternate color...

It's called ''Spring green'' and made by Excel - Colour Vision...

I have looked at some electronics stores and at Wal-Mart but couldn't find anything that even sounded like masking fluid. I bought some rubber glue (kids craft section) and have made a couple of tests to see if it will work... I'll tell you all soon how it went ;)

Thanks for all the answers you are all of great help!
I used Krylon Flat Italian Olive and Krylon Hunter Green for my two greens on my helmet. They seem to work nicely.

As far as Masking fluid goes, I found some that was quite expensive at Michaels Craft stores (around $15-20 a bottle), and some relatively cheap stuff at Wal-Mart (around $7 a bottle) in the crafts aisle (along with the artist paints).
if u have hobby/ modeling shops in ur area they usually carry "maskol" , or this other one i tried "magic masker" by walthers. which the magic masker one seems to me is more a watered dwn liquid latex... so mabye u can even try liquid latex.. juts peel off within 30 min after painting if u do. mabye this info will help! :cheers
Well, I think the Winsor/Newton masking fluid is just liquid latex with some ammonia as a thinning agent. It sure smells like ammonia.
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