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Tamis Kurr

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I've been looking for a visor for my helmet. Its been two weeks and I can't find any place that sells a tinted safety visor in any color but green. I need help.
Well, green is the correct "accurate" color, or so I was told, and is dark enough to appear black in the right lighting.


But, if you are wanting something else, I am guessing black or smoked, there is a seller on ebay that has them. Do an ebay search for t-visor.
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Look at TK409's site for the link to RJ Safety. That is the dark green visor you want-for ESB anyway. I am not so sure, but ROTJ may be different. Look to Bobamaker for great smoke black visors too.

Ive got a bobamaker visor, its very good quality, and you cant see the person in the helment, yet i can see out of it fine!!
The ESB bucket is supposed to be dark green... ROTJ - I'm not entirely sure.

If you've got a True Value hardware store near you they sell the same safety visors for $7!
I'm working on a custom mandalorian. Thats why I'm looking for a smoked or black tint visor. Thanks for the great ideas and sources. Keep them coming.
my helmet has a great visor. really durable and the black tint is awsome. no one can see me in it. i got mine from a guy on ebay. he always lists it under t-visor 9.95 or somthing like that. i HIGHLY recomend them
Well Hunters,

At Halo's LED, Toggle, Push Button and now Green Visor's FettMart, I can help you out. :lol:

If anyone's interested. I can get you the Safety Visors in Dark Green for $20 shipped as well. Only thing is, I'm in Singapore so shipping time will be alittle longer and abit more costly.

Here's a pic...


LMK if I can help.

Stay safe.



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