Can someone measure their Asok CC, or FP helmet?


Hey all,

Can someone do me a favor and measure their Asok CC / FP helmet's mandible area? I managed to get mine warped to hell and can't figure out how far the distance is supposed to be between the mandibles where the visor would sit. Yes, I know, rookie mistake. Anyway, if you could get me a measurement from edge to edge at the bottom, middle, and top of the mandibles I would be super grateful. Any help appreciated.


Sr Hunter
Hi cbrant,
I don't have one of the Asok/FP helmets available, but I have a couple of other types.
The measurements for the mandible gap are:
FPH (original)
Bottom: 46 mm
Top 47 mm

Bottom: 47 mm
Top: 49 mm

Bottom: 51 mm
Top 49 mm

So everything is really pretty similar. I believe the Asok/FP is closest to the original FPH
size-wise. But maybe someone who has one in hand will be able to get some measurements.