can anyone tell me the best spraypaint to use for my helmet?


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i want to do a esb helmet. i dont own a airsbrush system, i dont have a lot of money. so i figured there is nothing wrong with the old school way of spray. do any of you have a close to rogue studios colors for a esb helmet scheme in spraypaint? and van i get this at any walmart, hardware,paint store,etc,etc?

please help out.

thanks - matt
also this is my first attempt to do anything like this. i want to do it myself, i figured it would save money. so i would really like to know where to begin. like do i need to sand it down first, how many coats for each paint? how to layer it, and how to give it the best weathering? i have done art before, but nothing like this. i have to heart and will to do this, the skill, well i am not sure. if anyone can be kind enough to help me out step by step i would apreciate it. its a dp 95' with a slight warp in the back right, the only thing i have done is cut out the cheap visor lining, and took apart the range finder. well the range finder top chipped of a piece. so hopefully i can get a replacment. please any help will do. i just need to do this one step at a time. i have 4 and half months, i will have the money. i just hope i have the time to finish a decent not super modified esb boba fett costume. i think it can be done. i am buying cetain items from certain people for the things i cannot do. like i really need a cheap fett jet pack,( un painted kitform preferred) esb rifle kit, the other things like chest armor vest,gauntlets, boots, gloves, i etc,etc, i can get. within four months i need to complete pleae make this dream come true. its for a convention. and i want to make it this year in fett costume.

so i shall do it in steps. first helmet. then jet pack, then rifle, then the rest. i personally think it can be done. i know it will be expensive but i know you can help a not so rich man with his love for boba fett. thank you again..

i hope to hear from you all on your comments, ideas, tips, and any other info. thank you again..

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This is what I did, you could follow it if you want. First I sanded and bondo'ed the logo in the back of the helmet over. And filled all the incorrect battle scars so it was perfectly smooth all except the large dent in the crown.

I have the exact same helmet you have BTW, and if you do not set up for paint the paint will not stick, it will just be tacky forever and you will have a big mess.

After you prep the helmet the way you want I would recommend heating it up with a hairdryer untill it is nice and soft, and recurving the angle giving the helmet more of a flare. Have a sink full of water handy to dip the helmet into while holding it and if you get it soft enough it will hold shape when it cools in the water.

Next I would find a range finder before doing anything, you really cant proceed from this point untill you do. But after that you need to set up a base coat of paint using Duplicolors Automotive Primer. This is a laquer based paint that will stick good to the helmet, I would give it three coats.

After that I used krylon spray enamel. The colors I used are.

Spruce Green- Crown, front cheeks

Silver- 2 coats applied over the primered surface

Hunter green- for the back section of the helmet

Sun Yellow- one light coat sprayed over the silver coat for the back part of the helmet.

Red- Visor

Orange pinstriping- cut and applied for the kill marks

Charcoal- Mandibles

Masking Tape-

1 bottle of testers model paint gold- right side ear piece
1 bottle of testers model paint black- top of the range finder

After the silver was on, I got liquid mask from Michael's that basicaly lets you do the battle scaring (you can also use silicon the non stick kind, or cut masking tape, just make sure to clean it off good) what you do is apply it where you want battle scars and paint over it, after the paint drys you peel it off.

The hardest thing about it is the multi layered appearance. Basically you just mask a section you want damaged then paint then mask it larger and paint agian to give it the layered look. After that its just a matter of art skill and trial and error, noone can really show you how to do it. Most important is not to put the visor in untill you are threw painting.

As for the other things, I would do one thig at a time, Do not worry about a jet pack or the rest of the outfit untill you come to the point you need it, If you wait untill right after halloween some people sell there stuff becuase they either want to upgrade or go another route or need the money and wanted to wait untill halloween was over.

As for a cheap Jet Pack, this is something everyone dreams of getting, but you get what you pay for. Jet Packs are an item that many people have been screwed on, and many small companies have offered jet packs at a to good to be true price, and it was. The cheapest way to get a jet pack is to build your own, there are tutorials out there for that. I think you can get the rocket assembly and side trusters at a pretty good rate though.
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i have one other question. my dp 95 slipped off the counter last night and left a huge hairline crack from the visor to the back of the helmet. do you know of any glue or substance that can bond this back together? its like a helmet emergency surgery. or should i just go to richie(ra) about getting it fixed. i heard he can fix damaged helmets. its like the crack is hairline but it has weakened the whole structure. if there as a good glue or some type of putty or cement or something that can repair it. i hope you or someone else knows, its ergent. but i thank you for your comment on painting tips and color scheme. thank you.

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i dont have an airbrush, so i am using classic spray can style.

but can someone tell me a more close to panzer olive green spraypaint? or to any other of lee's esb testors paint colors. i just need a good conversion to spray paint.

so if anyone can do this. that would be cool. it will help a lot.

a list of the colors and right places of the helmet they go on. thanks.

sorry, i am cheap on this. i dont have the money or the knowhow on airbrushing.

maybe down the road bros.

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Check on because they may have the floquil paints in spray can form.
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for some reason i do not think basic red cuts it. it seems to be darker. now, is there a trick with basic red to make it look darker. or is it touch paint? i dont please any ideas and thoughts will help. and i dont think hunter green is the proper green for the back of the helmet. so if you know a better green. that would rock.


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