CA Boots Sizing question


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Hello there, I am in the process of piecing together the knowledge and materials for an ESB Boba build.
I am looking at the CA Boots and would like to ask how they run for size.. I have a 11.5 inch foot size and wanted to know how the sizing is with them.
Can anyone give me a pointer on how they are please?



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graphixwizard - I'm a US size 13 in most shoes (Nike, Addias, Sketchers, etc.) and I ended up going with US size 13 in Imperial Boots. Now I'm more along the lines of a true US 12.5 shoe size but a lot of shoe manufacturers don't have 1/2 sizes past size 10. I'm former US Army (Service from 95' to 05' - Combat Engineer) and the boots I was issued there was a 12.5 boot - those fit like a glove! Even my Jungle Boots I got later on we're 12.5 and we're great! From reading reviews here it sounded like if you were a size 13 than CA Boots was the way to go, as it sounded like Imperial Boots ran a bit small. I took a risk in going with a size 13 Imperial Boots and I gotta say I definitely have room much like a Nike shoe! Glad I went with Imperial Boots. And as MinuteFett said, you get free toe spikes, so one less thing you have to go hunting for! Hope this also helps out some in your decision making.