Buy&Sell//Please show me the way to the right forum..


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..i dont get it where to post my request. I just want to buy a - ready made or used - boba fett helmet (something warns me that I can't afford it anyway).
I capture that you guys build that stuff here? Is someone's here who lives off building starwars props? - Hello there :)
Or could someone please direct me to the right thrad or forum - if there is one. I just got lost in terminology.
And I am a bit desperate because I just found out that its actually hard to find nice star wars merch for a chrismas present. I thought I would just walk into the next toy store.


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You've come to the right place, sort of. You're too new to utilize the cargo hold, but you may find someone to pm concerning that, if you see one for sale. Warning though, this is no toy store, and even a used bucket with a good paint up may sell for $600 or more. A top shelf helmet(without paint), runs 300-350 and a quality paint-up starts around $500 upwards to $750.
You may get lucky and find a used one. As far as new, consider next Christmas.


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yepp,thats exactly what I thought after seeing that this stuff obviously goes as rarity nowadays. I was prepared to pay up to 200 for an industrially produced item, but could just find crap in that pricerange. Anyway, I spoilt the chrismas surprise and my boyfriend stated that even if he got immersed into the Star Wars World as a Kid and still loves it, he's not in such a desperate need for a helmet. Good for my moneybad, pretty sad to let such an exquisite party accessecoire go :( - a friend of me ownes one, I know what I am talking about. Maybe a good point to think about a present I dont want for myself ;)
But thanks so much for the offer (by the looks pretty tempting, especially as hasbro goes for 300) and all the informations, I'll keep it in mind! Happy holidays and lots of fun with your awesome work.


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I can offer you my helmet. Let's say for 400$
So the helmet is brand new. I made it from scratch.

Sorry that I write here, trade section is closed for me, because I haven't got enough posts. :angel

Is this bucket still up for grabs by any chance?