Building helmet need help


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first off i just joined the board but ive been checking on it for the past 4 weeks. i am very impressed by the work everyone does and i have decided to build my armor then buy one. iam 19 in Denton TX. i have been getting my supplies ready (thank everyone who has posted what materials to get :D ) and i am ready to start building. i am going to start helmet first and the rest as i progess. for the rawlings helmet i need to know where to cut so i dont make any mistakes. thank you everyone and your inputs. i love this board!!! :)
well...lets see have u tried going to . there you can find measurements for the mystery helmet. it's under helmet in measurements. thats what i used and so far so good, try that, if it doesn't help i'll try to think of something else...well best of luck

regards from The-Dark-Knight-
Thanks i cut it last night and sanded for 2 hours while watching G4TechTV. i am still going to sand it today at work :) . is the batting helmet proportional to the real thing. i cant wait till my sytrene comes in. thank you guys.
well. right now im using sintra. and im getting the right shape from my piont. its seems a batting helmet would work, mine was a one size fit all helmet. i think that should help (im not done yet. i'll be sure to show you pics when i get it finishd) when you buy a helmet be sure to take of the visor and the ear pieces. they can get in the way. allthough i think thats really a no brainer. well give more questions and i'll see if i have anwsers.
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