Building a House of Boba Fett costume.


New Hunter
I am just beginning to build a Boba Fett costume like the one from his last few episodes of “The Mandalorian” season 2. I am experienced at making costumes but I am NOT a shop builder who uses resins and raw materials. I have purchased a used Rubies deluxe Boba Fett costume for the armor, gauntlets, jet pack, etc. I have started repainting them. I bought a black roll neck shirt, black cargo pants and black ankle boots that look similar to what I have photographed from the TV show. The rubber Rubies belt with pouches looked fake and ridiculous so I ordered a belt with Boba Fett insignia buckle and the eight faux leather pouches for it. I ordered a cheap security vest which I am seem ripping now to be able to Velcro it on the sides. I will use the left over material to make shoulder pads for my yellow shoulder plates and the left-over Velcro will go on the chest and stomach to hold my armor. I am seeing a vest that is being offered that has the shoulder pads but I see no Velcro on it for armor. What advice can you veteran Boba Fett builders give me?