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I have started on making some armor out of a bucket. I was first introduced to armor made from a bucket when I was looking to make shims for my trooper armor and someone told me to use a bucket. Well, after I made the shims I got an idea to make some boot armor for my custom mandalore. When I got done with the first piece of boot armor I was so impressed with the way it came out I decided to make a whole set of armor the chest pieces shoulder bells ect. I have already made the right chest piece. Came out grate. I know it is not fiber glass armor but if you cant afford the best of the best you can make something that looks good. So if you are looking to get fett armor but are a short in the funds department this is the way to go. Below is a picture of the armor I made compared to the armor I bought on ebay that is made out of sintra. They are almost the same thickness. I wish I would have thought of this before I bought it. The armor cost me over $100.00 when the bucket armor will cost about $15.00 or less:lol:. I have put up a tutorial page as well as a progress page up on my site. Check it out here.:D
Can you still shape the bucket plastic like sintra?

Using a bucket might reduce the amount of shaping you have to do, since it is already curved. Nice idea. Might have to see about getting me some buckets next time I am at Lowes. (since my home depot only has those Orange buckets, and if the paint scrapes off even a little bit. :)

But some peices might not want to be so curved.. so I wonder if the sintra technique would work for doing some basic reshaping.

I am not familiar with the sintra technique so I am not sure. The chest pieces are curved just right to fit my chest. The only problem with it is that it is flexible. No to bad but it is still a concern when it comes to painting. It is probably a good thing when it comes to shaping the armor Since you can do it by hand without worrying about cracking it. With a little heat you could probably do vary well. I will find out the problems and advantages in the future when I start to paint. Stay tuned.:)
I made my chest armor out of Sintra for about $10. Sintra is cheap and a DREAM to work with! :D

I think I bought about $27 worth of 2mm and 3mm Sintra and I had enough to do chest armor, codpiece, shoulder bells, knees, collar armor, back armor, AND gauntlets AND have some left over. It's not flexible and doesn't warp. Gotta love it! :)
Well, I have finished cuting the chest and shoulder armor all that needs to be done now is clean it up a bit.:)

<img src=>
Thanks, I wanted to give it a different look because of the helmet it is going with.

That's crazy! Armor made from a bucket, that's definitely using your imagination :D And I really like the custom helmet as well. Very unique and looking forward to seeing more.
You know, looking at the pics of the armor, if you hadn't told us it was made from buckets, we probably (or me, anyway) would have thought it was sintra or ABS. Excellent job!
Once I've seen the words Custom Mandalorian, I clicked with out hesitation.

But PV the pics aren't working for me, either is the Tutorial... :facepalm
Jaster, the link should now be fixed. Or click here As for the pictures i had to take the top ones off because of bandwidth but the finished pic of the whole set should be up. Can you see the helmet and the armor pic?

Thanks guys:D I think I may put some LEDs some ware but I am not sure yet. The armor is just about as thick as sintra armor that I have. Just a we bit thinner. As soon as I find out ware to get sintra I am going to try to work with that. Should not be to much harder Since they are similar. Except the bucket is more flexible.
wow, that's probably one of the more creative custom mandalores Ive seen...kick ass design on the helmet!
We really like seeing custom mandalorians that have customized armor! Yours looks great, never would have guessed it came from a bucket. :thumbsup:

Oh by the way, we really like your wolvie claws. We're making a similar pair for an upcoming movie we're making.
Keep up the great work :)
So how exacltey did you make your helmet? Im interested to know, im trying to make one for myself to but i need some sort of an idea on how its set up and what not.:D
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