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Hi Guys,
I havent posted here in a long 'ol' time so many apologise's.

i have eventually found the time to work on my 97 Don Post Boba Helmet and try and get it to look alot better than the original paint job (sorry unable to post pics)

This helmet has a long history and so to cut a LONG STORY SHORT, the first thing that is noticeable is how narrow the helmet looks. I did read somewhere once how the more splayed out appearance as used in ESB can be achieved.

Ive begun to sand it down as there are about 3 coats of paint on it (dont ask) and ive removed the original visor to be replaced by a better one at a later date.

Last question..... i know most of you Air Brush your paint jobs all i can use a regular paint spray cans can results be achieved this way.

Many thanks Guys.

I think one of the very best Fett helmets (FP/WPK's?) out there was painted using common spray paints.
I can't speak for everybody else but I'm awaiting the day that his tutorial on his site is finished. :D
it takes a teeny bit of practice coz there's a definite technique to doing it, but I don't use anything BUT spraycans for large colour surfaces......

Weathering is done with a little brush, a ripped off piece of foam rubber, or some mustard
:lol: Yeah it freaked me out the first time I heard about it too! use mustard as liquid mask. Works a treat apparently, you just wipe it off once the paint's dry.

C'mon ppl...jeez....the best way to "weather" is to completely cover the lid in silver paint,not chrome,then latex it with a brush on the parts you want to see as metal,or any rubber liquid will do...i use the same latex i use for molding........then go for it with your rustoleum and krylon spray cans.The last paint(before clear-coat,if your'e going that way)is a flat black,2 coats,one short-shot spray on the "carbon scoring" areas,like the cheeks,etc.then a long spray 2' away for the "dusting " effect.............and FORGET Ebony rub'n'buff.it's a wax.......you can't paint,or clear-coat over it..........I'm on my 63rd lid.........I sell the to costume hire stores....and I know what works,out in the field,as it were..........btw.mustard contains acidic properties..........no pro propmaker uses it.ever........I know...I am one.
Hey welcome to the TDH. Most folks here are not prop makers but we have made our way pretty well and we mostly try to achieve the proper look since using latex to peel off your scratches tends to give a more random pattern than just scratching it by hand (thus the hard chrome coat) which gives more control in reproducing/recreating the helmet chosen. We know silver was used on the helmets basically Bright Silver by Floquil but even in my experience working with latex it tends to dull the silver if it sits more than a few hours. Most folks feel the ESB has a clear coat on the silver which I believe to be true so I just headed it off at the pass and used chrome.

Extensive research has been put into the paints and colors used. I have spoken to the person who painted the Jedi hero helmet I would be curious to see what you have matches to what they have since they do not remember all of the colors and old age is catching us all.

Please share this color list with the rest of the board in a post it will help alleviate all of the ROTJ questions I have been receiving and I'm sure everyone including myself would be eternally grateful.


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