British Supercars to ESB Fetts .. (Helmet)


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I posted this on the RPF on Facebook a couple of weeks ago and it was such a loved thread. As a new member of TDH, I thought I had to share it here too:

Had a delivery, and it is one of few deliveries where I was genuinely speechless when opening the box.

A few weeks ago, I ‘met’ Chris Stallard, when he purchased a lightsaber hilt off me, we chatted like ‘SW geeks’ do and he said he made Boba Fett helmets in his spare time. I sort of shrugged it off thinking thinking yeah whatever, who doesn’t and they all look crap minus about 3 people who make good ones.

Anyway, I ended up seeing some photos of what he made and I quickly changed my mind and thought, ooo he’s good at this.

It turns out he makes supercars for a living, so his craftsmanship skills are probably amongst the best their is. The helmet was born whilst Chris worked for a British Supercar builder named TVR. Chris later left and works for a company now designing and building an entirely new brand of car altogether. His fibreglassing is top draw and he’s a brilliant painter, he's not just a prop maker, but a builder of cars worth tens of thousands, so his attention to detail and quality of finishing it absolutely exceptional.

I ordered an ESB helmet off him and this is what arrived.

Every week he’s sent me photos as progress updates, he’s painted every hand detail himself and built parts himself. Metal ears, fibreglass helmet, a rigid visor that doesn’t bend like the cheap ebay ones people use.

It arrived a few weeks ago, it comes with a beautiful custom made book highlighting the build progress and stages and is just generally a beautiful touch.

It arrived in a printed box with Chris’s ‘CSD’ logo on it, inside it was wrapped well and it was also covered and wrapped in soft fabric wrap to keep it safe in transit.

I own several ‘high end’ pieces, and whilst many have excited me and made me smile, this is just hand on heart something else.

If you want one, message Chris Stallard, but from a VERY happy customer who owns edition number 005, wow wow wow!

It costs £600, and Chris can be found on Instagram -

In addition to this, Lee at Skywalker Signings in the UK managed to organise me a signing for Jeremy Bulloch to sign a commemorative plaque of this helmet. Jeremy has recently announced due to age and COVID19 he's unlikely to return to signings again and so I was thrilled to get this.






















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As JFJ said, there are no reasons for this helmet to not be accepted by the 501st. There are a couple of areas that are a bit off (the right upper ear platform should protrude a bit more and the rangefinder seems a bit bulky), but not enough to change the overall look. Great job!


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I really should spend a bit more time on TDH! Thanks everyone for all the support. Examples of my helmets are on Instagram as c_stallard_designs and I try as much as possible to cover as much of the builds as I can. The Fett community is the best. DM me if you fancy a helmet making. I have a bit of a list for this year but I’m always happy to add to it.
Chris also made my helmet. I mentioned that it would be used for trooping with the 501st, so he studied the requirements that the helmet would need on his own initiative. He then sourced metal ears, borden, etc and electronics for the range finder. It was the best Star Wars prop experience I have had since being in the 501st.