Braks Buddy is the new Dr. Who?

Jodo Kast 3

Well-Known Hunter

Congrats on the new acting role...

Sorry Art..It was too perfect to pass up!!! :lol: :p

I dont know...

a while back I told Brak's how much he looked like an old Youth Minister at my old church. Im gonna try to dig up a picture of him, I mean, these 2 would be like twins...
well triplets...this guy already has a twin Braks would finish it as a trio.
Heh heh. The girls love me so I am not sure how much weight I am going to place on whether or not Craig thinks I look good. In fact, I am kinda glad he DOESN'T think so. And that guy is strange looking so what the heck are ya trying to say anyway???
Looks into crystal ball and sees that sooner or later the pic of Kimmy grabbing Fett's butt making its way into this thread...
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