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First off, hello everybody!

I'm having trouble with my braided hoses. They're too rigid and every time I move py arm, they break off the bottom gauntlet hose connector. Has this happened to anyone else and is there a way to soften the hose so they bend easier?

Oh, and the first person to perversly chime in about the "rigidity of my hose" recieves a lump! :)
Not having my armor completed yet, I haven't tried attaching the hoses yet, but I had wondered about that myself. I'm planning on having some extra length to try and avoid popping off the hose connectors, but I'd still hate to have the thing come apart when I move my arms.
My hose ends on my gauntlets are almost 2" long and they will be glued on again like my old RA an MB gauntlets, I have ever had a problem with them comming off. Also vecro the other end up under your half sleeve. It keeps them in place better.
I'd say try to use a different hose. For example their is another hose wich looks exactly the same as the original ones
but only more flexible and softer. These hoses are the ones wich are used in kitchen sinks. They normally come in a kit package with a spray nozzle. I tried finding them separately
but I can't find them anywhere so I guess you must buy the whole kit . Beleive me these will work fine they are not rigid at all ..
I had a similar problem w/ my hose on my MB gauntlets. I'd move my arm a bit too far, and the triangulat type resin piece would always pop off, even with industrial strength epoxy! I ended up re-epoxying the part, and drilled 3 holes from the inside of the gauntlet up into the resin part. secure with 3 small sheet metal screws, & problem solved. At least mine has stayed secure ever since. Hope that gives ya another idea to try.
maybe if u made little slices on the side of the hose that doesnt show the hose would be more flimsey.
I sewed a 4" loop of elastic in between the two jumpsuit sleeves. I sliced a cut-line into the elastic hoses and slipped them over the elastic. This allows the hoses a little flexibility when moving my arms.

As for the gauntlet ends, I found wood dowels large enough to fit SNUGLY inside the hose. The wood dowels are glued into the appropriate places on the backs of the gauntlets.

If your hose is still too loose (not a sexual euphemism), try wrapping a small piece of tape around the hose.
Has I think The best idea.I too, Have searched for the right hoese.When I found the right ones.They were to stiff.I thought about heating them up.But wouldn't it just get hard again?The sink hose is A great idea.
Good looking out.
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