Boushh Boushh Helmet 3D

Discussion in 'Original Trilogy Bounty Hunters' started by tbone9600, Apr 16, 2016.

  1. tbone9600

    tbone9600 Active Member

    Hey all,

    I've been working on this for a couple weeks now, and It's been a real pain in the rear at times, but I'm finally comfortable with how it looks. My ultimate goal is to get this to the point I can 3D print it and start a Boushh costume for my wife. I know its not absolutely perfect but I'm still learning this whole 3D thing.

    Boushh Helmet Top.jpg Boushh Helmet FR.jpg Boushh Helmet FRL.jpg Boushh Helmet FRR.jpg Boushh Helmet L.jpg Boushh Helmet R.jpg Boushh Helmet Rear.jpg Boushh Helmet RL.jpg Boushh Helmet RR.jpg

    Boushh Helmet Top.jpg

    Boushh Helmet FR.jpg

    Boushh Helmet FRL.jpg

    Boushh Helmet FRR.jpg

    Boushh Helmet L.jpg

    Boushh Helmet R.jpg

    Boushh Helmet Rear.jpg

    Boushh Helmet RL.jpg

    Boushh Helmet RR.jpg
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  2. toolguy301

    toolguy301 Active Member

    That looks great. It is a hard helmet to design. This is something I have been working on off & on myself & can fully concur that it is a pain. Very interested in seeing how this comes out.
  3. tbone9600

    tbone9600 Active Member

    Thanks! I used every bit of new reference I could find and everything I have collected over the last 10 years or so. It's crazy how many things have changed since I started saving stuff.
  4. Artakha

    Artakha (Formerly le1120)

    Nice man. That is some excellent work you have there. Might I dare ask if I could use this file too? I have a 3D printer that I like to use for these sorts of projects...Much obliged if you would be so generous.
  5. Badgerdash

    Badgerdash Jr Member

    Looks great. Keep posting your progress.
  6. Cplnobbie

    Cplnobbie New Member

    Very nice
  7. Silverstalker

    Silverstalker Active Member

    How is this build going? I am also looking to do a Boushh for my Girlfriend, wonder if I can get some scaling measurements from you as I am having trouble on knowing how big to make this thing?
  8. tbone9600

    tbone9600 Active Member

    I finally got it all sectioned out to convert over to printable format but I haven't started printing yet. I need to get an enclosure built for my printer so I can get a better print with ABS as it seems to glue together easier and better than PLA. I see many hours of printing to get it done. I'll definitely throw up images when I start printing. The model is 11.5 total height and width from the widest points and the length is just a hair under 13 inches.
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  9. Silverstalker

    Silverstalker Active Member

    Thanks that gives me a good startng point, lots of pictures Tbone, LOTS and lots of pictures :D I dont have a 3D printer so it will be scratch built. I am trying to build a reference libary over the coming months so I can start the build in the winter. (y)
  10. Burgs

    Burgs New Member

    Thats some great work man.
    I too would greatly appreciate the files if you're willing to share your awesome work

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  11. djaidan

    djaidan Jr Member

    Do you plan on sharing these files when you are done?

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  12. clmayfield

    clmayfield Member

    I was thinking about doing this for my wife. Unfortunately, she won't do slave Leia, so it is either Boushh or Tantive IV Leia.
  13. Burgs

    Burgs New Member

    Bump on this topic.
    Keen to print this too

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  14. gcpcoelho

    gcpcoelho New Member

    Amazing! Do you intend to share (or sell) this model? My wife asked me to build this helmet for her.
  15. tk675

    tk675 Jr Member

    Oh man! I would love to make one for my wife. That looks great! what 3D program is that?
  16. djaidan

    djaidan Jr Member

    hows this coming along?
  17. Snips

    Snips New Member

  18. Ubese

    Ubese New Member

  19. alvomedia

    alvomedia Member

    I'll have to agree with Ubese. The proportions are off, and it really doesn't look right.
  20. Snips

    Snips New Member

    Yeah that's what I thought, thanks for your comments. Looking to get a Boushh helmet that will take less than 6 months to get to me!
  21. alvomedia

    alvomedia Member

    Look into getting one from Sandman (Todd). He's got the best Boushh kits out there, in my opinion. Very nice, an accurate resin casts. I've dealt with him on several Boushh helmet paint ups and usually receive the kit's within a month, or 2 at the very outside. Usually he is pretty fast at getting a kit made up.

    Good luck on your build!
  22. Snips

    Snips New Member

    I was going to PM you but I can't, would u be able to send me on his details?

  23. alvomedia

    alvomedia Member

    PM sent
  24. volde

    volde New Member

    Any update on this? I've been scouring the net for a Boushh helmet .STL file to 3D Print. This is the closest I've come! Would love to see progress, and inquire if you're willing to share your STL! Thanks :)
  25. tbone9600

    tbone9600 Active Member

    Hey all,
    Sorry for not replying, sooner. I had a heart attack and LVAD placement in November and am in the recovery period. Since I'm not allowed to work right now and have some new found free time, I have been test printing these pieces the past couple of days to make sure they look right. So far everything is looking pretty good. I have a few of the other parts that I will be working on over the next couple weeks and i plan to put it all together as a package deal. Again, I'm sorry for not getting back with everyone in a timely manner.


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