Boushh Build WIP - Iron's Daughter


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Love the girth belt too. Doesn’t seem like much left however 9 points , it is sneaky how much there is to do. Love the ET costume story. It got me thinking about my first Star Wars costume I threw together with a friend. It was Darth Vader but man was it raw and not even close to acceptable to 501 st standards. I had Nike high tops that I-painted black and had black pants and a shirt. No chest box, shin armor, or chest armor. I was 14 and a buddy of mine dressed up us a ghost buster and we walked into a local hospital and asked if we could go to the pediatrics ward and visit with the young kids. The nurses said it was ok and we went in. I was kind of nervous and a little embarrassed being a freshmen in high school dressed up on a Saturday night. But the kids loved us! It was amazing to see the smiles on some sick kids faces , who were stuck in a hospital where they DID not want to be. I still think of this when I see people in this great hobby doing troops and it makes me smile , almost as much as some of those kids back in 1984.


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**Small Update**

I finished the Clan Belt Greeblies and installation of them. Even though this is a Level II Cert thing for the 501st, I think they give the Clan Belt that extra little bit of character!
Whole Clan Belt.jpg

Clan Belt - Finished Greeblies.jpg

And with the Chicago Screws epoxied in place, they are not going anywhere.

Clan Belt - Chicago Screws.jpg

Again, just a small update. We'll catch you when I got some more stuff done - Hopefully soon!



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Found some time to do the install of the Boot Greeblies to the Boot Covers/Spats. My intention is to install grommets - Like how I did my Fett Flak Vest. If you recall I countersunk some nuts into the Boot Greeblie....
Countersunk Nuts into the Greeblie.jpg

1. Got the work station situated and all tools needed are out!
2. Concentrating on my Left Boot Cover/Spat.
3. Lay down my paper template mark and cut out as the nut placements are not exact and eyeballed.
4. Installed the Grommets - the Grommets I used had zero wiggle room so I had to be exact with this.
5. Ensured the Bolts fit without issue - Screwed on the Boot Greeblie.
6. Showing you the reverse side.
7. Repeat for the Right Side Boot Cover/Spat - and here it is completed!
Boot Cover and Greeblie Install.jpg

Both look really good - and this method ensures that they are not going anywhere - nor will they spin out of place. Next step is to slap some paint and weather these bad boys up a bit!

On another note, I got someone working on the Turtleneck Dickie/Neck Seal. Hoping that'll be done this next week!

More to come!

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**Yet Another Update**

At the mere mention of Metal Greeblies & Parts, I know we all go....
Minions Excitement.gif

....and I'm no different!

So....I held off doing the antenna part on my daughters helmet because I wanted to give it that extra special something. Earlier on, during my research for this build last year, I found myself on the RPF site late one night and found a guy who was selling Aluminum Metal Antenna's for the Boushh Helmet. (This was before I received my Sandman kit) Since it was the last one he had available, I impulsively bought it. I didn't think it was too bad for $40.00 and it got some nice write ups about it. That said, I thought nothing of it. I know, shame on me for NOT doing more research. Here is that piece....


(If anyone wants this piece, I'm more than happy to donate it - and cut my $40.00 loss. Just PM me!)

And when I finally got my Sandman Kit, I compared the two....
Corellian Exports - Boushh Antenna - Pic 2.jpg

As you can see, not exactly a match. I was kinda bummed. But I didn't give up. I looked all over for one but just couldn't find one that anyone made and sold. And so, I went in search of local machine shops that may be willing to make the piece for me. And I found one in Bellevue, WA, which is cool because it is only about 20 miles from me. The shop is called "Limited Productions". Just last week (Monday) I brought them the Sandman resin antenna piece and asked for it to be duplicated in Aluminum. The gentleman I spoke with said since he had nothing else to work with that he'd have to draw this up by hand and then use a computer program to get it all dialed in.

The end result? Nothing short of amazing...

And size wise compared to Sandman's Antenna Resin Greeblie?
Size Comparison.jpg

I mean, I think this is as close as you can get to the Sandman resin variant, in aluminum. I also thought it was cool that he made the stem removable....

....which I'll hit with JB Weld for that permanent bond!

I haven't tapped the hole yet in the larger antenna piece, but here it is on top of that larger antenna piece!
Metal Antenna on Large Antenna.jpg

As we all know, something magical happens when we apply metal greeblies, pieces and parts to our builds! You just......can't emulate that with paint - at least I can't. I'm going to finish the antenna portion of the helmet build now and it should be done and installed next week sometime.

So stay tuned!

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One step at a time. So today I'm here to talk about another Level II Cert thing. But in my eyes, is quite easy to do and if it lends to additional visuals to the costume, then why the heck not? So here is how the 501st calls this Level II Certification item out....
501st - Collar Armor - Suede Pad.jpg

Again very subtle but visible on the Screen Pics....
Boushh - ROTJ.jpg

And even in the behind the scenes pics...

I got some of the same material that Alvomedia used for the Beige Suede Boot Covers and some foam and wrapped it and sew'd it together. Once installed, this was the result....
Pad - Pic 1.jpg

Pad - Pic 2.jpg

Crazy I know, but what can I say? Hahaha! And the fun continues!



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I am looking at making this kit for my wife. Do you know if the vendor you got the helmet and other resin parts still makes them
I got the Helmet Kit and other stuff from a few different vendors as you've probably seen on page 1, post #18 of this thread. But here is how to get in direct contact with them.

Alias - Real First Name - Part - Email Address
Sandman - Todd - Helmet Kit, Bandolier Kit, Boot Greeblies, Clan Belt Greeblies -
Dark Shadow - Scott - Collar Armor, Tanks -
Alvomedia - Annie - All the Softparts, except Pants and Neckseal - No Email, only reachable via Facebook under "Boushh Build".

Let me know if you have any other questions.



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It is all coming together very nicely. Slowly but surely. This build is a difficult one to source out but the end product will be fantastic. Nice find on the metal antenna. My worry is that piece snapping off during transport. You will not have to worry about that.


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**Update Time**

Sorry guys it's been a few moons! But I got an update. I'm trying to debut my kids Boushh cosplay in time for ECCC in August - so it's getting down to crunch time!

But since my last post I got a couple things completed. First up is the Neck Seal. I used the very same material that Alvomedia used to make the Sleeves. The material was from JoAnn Fabrics. I found a local person in my little town that was able to make it for me! I thought she did an awesome job on it! I think it fits my kid good and has that right height I was looking for. It is sealed up in the back with Velcro - Very easy to put on and take off. (y)
Boushh - Neck Seal - Front and Back.jpg

Next up are the pants. I bought these from a company called ReWash. They were fairly cheap at $36.99/ea. I bought two, one to hack up for extra material, and the other to wear. I felt they had a good color to them and seemed pretty plain looking.....
ReWash Pants.jpg

Here is what the 501st wants the pants to look like...
Boushh - Pants.jpg

I removed the fancy belt which was stitched at the back but was easy to remove. And then had the same person who did the Neck Seal do the Pants. I was very pleased with what I got in return! These pants are more or less, temporary, as I'm more than positive she'll grow out of them. But again very pleased with how they turned out!
Boushh - Pants.jpg

Just need to apply weathering to em'!

And so....
We did a test fitting today (I'm about 90% of the way there) and I'm pleased to say that presently it all fits with room to grow. Lemme know whatcha think?
Photo Jul 20, 12 07 40 PM.jpg

Photo Jul 20, 12 07 59 PM.jpg

Photo Jul 20, 12 08 46 PM.jpg

Photo Jul 20, 12 09 01 PM.jpg

Photo Jul 20, 12 10 16 PM.jpg

Photo Jul 20, 12 13 07 PM.jpg

She totally looks like a mean little kid in the above pics, with her serious faces. So here's a couple to show her smiling - which is how she was during the entire time she was in the costume!....
Photo Jul 20, 12 07 36 PM.jpg

Photo Jul 20, 12 13 09 PM.jpg

Overall I'm very happy with how this is turning out. Missing is the Bandolier as well as the finishing up to the helmet I need to do yet still! But added to this cosplay is Leia's signature DDC Blaster from Episode IV....
Leia's Blaster - Screen Pic.jpg

Which is NOT seen in ROTJ.....BUT, it was seen in the Star Wars: Battle Front II Game....
Boushh - Battlefront II - Pic 1.jpg

Boushh - Battlefront II - Pic 2.jpg

More to follow!



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Got another small update. The lady who has a Boushh costume and also with the 501st's as their GWL - assisted me with the sewing part of this and really had some great ideas about how to construct this. She came through and I received it last week. I couldn’t be happier with it! I did the painting and weathering. If you recall I got Sandman's Bandolier Kit....
Sandman Bandolier Kit.jpg

And again I only required assistance with the sewing. She also hooked me up and installed Grommets, Chicago Screws on the Greeblies and Snaps. The snaps went on the Shoulder Strap to the Belt and two more snaps on the top of the shoulder and then again on the belt and this was for the cape. She even went so far as to assist me with the snap install on the cape.

Here was the end result!

I got the boot greeblies to still finish up (Painting) and then weathering of the boot covers and boots as well as the cape, and helmet to finish up. Tick-Tock. The Con is this weekend!

Back at it,
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