boots! i cant finds boots anywhere!!! please help...


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of course i cant run around as fett with reeboks on now! so where can i find some good replica fett boots..? i dont know if MC is still making them..but if he is can you give me his email address..or anyone esle who can help me...

also esb gloves...where an i get good pair of them...

thank you for your time..


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I already contacted MC and as of right now he is not making anymore boots. The ESB gloves are available on eBay I believe right now and I just bought boots on eBay also you might want to keep checking. Prop Palace also sells boots but from what I hear they are not the best boots around. If you can make them there are a few posts here that give good advice on boots. As for eBay just perform a search "Fett Boots", "Fett Gloves", ect. My gloves are good but was a bit on the expensive side. Then again since I can't sew gloves to me it was worth the price! Good Luck! :D

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You might want to search for prior posts on the Prop Palace if you're thinking of buying from them. A lot of people have been scammed.
Yeah, PP doesn't make much of anything that's worth owning.

For gloves you want Slave1's gloves. Hands down. Generally $95 or so on ebay or directly through him.

For boots you'll want MC's if you can find them. Or make your own. Stay away from PP's. They're totally the wrong color (brown/green I think) and basically look like puke.

I will 2nd what JMP said about the gloves and particularly the boots. I almost resorted to getting a pair of those from TPP myself awhile back, but a certain administrator steered me away from them in the nick of time.;) These boots are FAR from being accurate not only in the colors, as JMP stated, but also in the leather they use, instead of canvas, which is the definitive material of choice by most members here on the board. The final critique on TPP boots? JMP posted the best word for it, but I'll give you the emoticon...:puke. With MC currently out of the game, I wish you luck in finding an alternative :facepalm. You've now joined the ranks of Mandalorians, though, so hunting down a boot bounty will come naturally to you in time...:) Welcome to TDH!! :D
Yup I think we can all agree about the gloves mine are from Slave1 also and they rock! The boots I got are from eBay here is a pic from the auction:

I wanted to go with MC but since he doesn't make them right now I was bummed out, especially when he e-mailed me pics of them! He did make great boots.
Maybe there is a local shoemaker in your area that can make them? I would try to look into it.
As for Prop Palace...I ordered my vest from them....THEN I read all the negative feedback on them, after I placed the order!! I mean within the same hour!!! LOL! :angry
I then (the same night) ordered one from RA, well at least I have a spare if anything!!! lol
But seriously get the gloves from Slave 1 and as for the boots, I would contact a shoemaker or if you want to do it yourself there are some posts here where ppl have made them, maybe you want to contact them for advice??? If I find the post I will post the link. :)

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New to TDH. First I just want to say this is a grate place. I am looking for parts for my custom mandalor. At the moment I am looking for a vest and jumpsuit. Can someone tell me who RA is? I would like to see his vest. Thanks.:)
Hi Phantom Viper! Try this link:
link removed
If you e-mail him he will send you a price sheet. He makes jumpsuits but they are a bit expensive, if I remember around $200.00. The vest is around $75.00 - $80.00.
I have ordered the vest and I have heard great things about him. I haven't ordered the jumpsuit so I can't really tell you too much about that.

::Edit:: you need to read the FAQ about posting sellers names and email address
Yeah, jeez there's a lot of newbies demanding tons of info and "where can I buy this and that"s. Come on guys, a little wariness isn't too bad, and they can use the search as easily as I do.
How is a newbies supposed to find anything out if he does not ask? All of you were newbies at one time. You had to ask to know what you know now. I know you are not supposed to name names that's why I gave my email address.
Well, just look around some. There's tons of information here. And yeah, I understand about asking, but...a lot of people are hesitant to sell to completely new people, and understandably so. It's kinda like on ebay, when you have a rating of 0. Doesn't mean you're out to cheat anyone or anything, but one still has to be cautious. There's also the Cargo hold section which is cool if you're looking for stuff. Overall, patience is the biggest thing. *Every* thing is on ebay at some point, so just keep an eye out.

And by the way guys, is prop palace the place run by the kiddie porn guy, or was it ever figured out that he's a seperate entity? I don't care if they're selling actual screen used props for a dollar, I wouldn't buy anything from that person.
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