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please help........

i am scratch building a pair of Fett boots and all was going well until.....

I desperately need to purchase some black elastic to go on the sides of my boots. It needs to be approx 5" deep x 2" wide (see attached pic, not sure whose pic this is but thanks).

Come on ppl i really need some help and i do not want to post pic's of the boots until complete but you will all love them......may be ;) .


The neoprene would be expensive and not stretchy enough over that small a space. Your best bet is wizardofflight's suggestion. I work professionally in the costume garment field, and I can tell you from experience it's difficult to find elastic that wide. If you can't purchase it directly, you may want to look for objects (such as the lumbar support belt) that have it, so you can scavenge it.
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