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Well, I've asked questions, purchased items, commented on others' threads here and there; who am I kidding, I've been lurking around on this forum for a LONG time! Today tho, today is the day that I am starting my own WIP! There are many individuals here that have inspired my build - I remember sitting down and reading through DeathProof 's WIP and thinking "yup, this is how I'm tackling this". Then recently, following tennantlim 's build and I'm thinking "yup, this is how I'm tackling this"...hahahaha!

Truth be told, these guys are a reflection of this great community; very accessible, so incredibly knowledgeable, and happy to help. I thank you both, and everyone else that I've badgered with questions throughout my lurking stages.

So, where do I begin? How about my goal!?! My goal is to become 501st certified for my ROTJ Hero Build. I have always enjoyed making costumes (I put a lot of effort into my family's Halloween costumes every year), and I also enjoy community involvement, volunteer efforts and mentoring our youth. I am a licensed Architect, and have volunteered for a mentoring organization in my free time for the last 8 years; so doing this build was a win-win-win for me! Now, having 2 daughters of my own; I look forward to being their Boba Fett!

I'm going to be honest, what kick-started my build again, was the receipt of my long awaited order from Fettpride. I do NOT want this to turn into a burn session about Chris, but a few things that I think are important to mention here. I paid in full for my complete ROTJ package (Armor, Gaunts, Helmet & Jetpack) in December of 2015, and I just received the armor this week - the helmet will be here next week (the Jetpack is TBD). The armor and gauntlets are art. What these people do is create art (how, I don't know), but the individuals making these pieces are artists, and they come in different forms. From hard parts, to soft goods, to electronics, to machined aluminum parts - people have perfected a craft, and it shows in the pieces I received from vendors (artists) over the years. The parts I received from Fettpride are absolutely no exception.

Speaking of Artists, here is a breakdown of my gear:

ROTJ FPH2 Helmet (Fettpride)
Armor, Gauntlets, Jetpack (Fettpride)
Flightsuit, Flak, Pouches & Spats (Arkady )
Gloves (Major )
Boots (Man of War Studios )
Ammo Belt (Man of War Studios )
Cape, Girth Belt, Wookie Braids (woodman )
Jetpack Harness (Bigdane )
Jetpack hooks & clips (full metal fett )
All aluminum upgrades known to man (MachineCraft )
Chestlights (Fettronics )
Rubber chin cup (Darth Voorhees )
Dental files (01Hawk )
Blaster w/ eFX (Sidewinder )
Rangefinder Electronics & Jetpack Beacon Light (Jc27 )
Flamethrower Electronics (crumdum )
*I also picked up the Aker MR1505 speaker for a voice changer, as well as found parts for the shin tools & calculator!

You all ROCK, and your professionalism is highly appreciated!

Having said that, the unfortunate part is the logistics of "starting a build" 3 years ago. I purchased ALOT of items right when I placed my order with Fettpride. Now, artists have changed what they offer to simplify installations, or advance their technologies. I will have my work cut out for me moving forward, but like I said; I am excited to officially begin my journey with all of you! Sorry for the long-winded first post, but I've had a lot to say for a long time, and many thanks to give as well. On with the show...

Below are images of my Armor from Fettpride. First bunch of photos were taken by him when our discussions lead to him sending me some images last month, second small group are in my house (ready for Easter in the dining room), haha! If you are curious, yes - Chris provided specific pieces in cold-cast aluminum. These are really slick, but as mentioned above - I have the aluminum upgrades as well as the found parts; so now I have to replace things here and there:


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So because I technically “started” my build a few years ago - I find myself critiquing the items I’ve already done (it comes with being an Architect as well, haha).

Some things I’m re-doing are my blaster, as well as my boots. Specifically the toe spikes on my boots. I spoke with tennantlim and he gave me some pointers on “rusting” techniques. I picked up an acrylic rust/ weathering kit and sanded down the spikes and re-did them. I also added some chalk pastel weathering to the spats!


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Your "rust job" on the boots look great !!! "T" (Tennantlim) is definitely a role model builder for us all !!
His attention to detail is unsurpassed, and he's always friendly and helpful to everyone with his knowledge and skill !!!
I'm anxious to see your build progress !!! :cool:


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Today I weathered the replica stylus brushes for my shintool, ie more rusting. The photos below show the process using the rust kit. Essentially you start with a dark brown in the areas of localized rust, and gradually layer it until you are working with a rust-wash for streaking. Not bad, and I can always take it back some too!

We have 2 young daughters, so the photos are taken at nap time (afternoon) and after bed time (evening), which explains the difference in color temp!


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It's great to see you getting started, Jamie. Thanks for the kudos - a lot of happened since my build thread started in 2013. Tennant definitely has gone the additional mile in getting the detail in the ROTJ - it also doesn't hurt that his photos are just dead sexy :)

You've got a great start, Jamie. Let us know if you need any help and we'll be here.


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I’ve been bouncing around from item to item doing prep work here and there. It’s far too cold to paint anything (rattlecan or airbrush), so I do what I can up until it comes time to paint, then I switch to something else...hahaha!

Tonight I worked on my left gauntlet a bit. I reached out to Chris to see how the hell I’m supposed to get the flamethrower nozzles out of the housing. He told me to just pull them out...haha! I was nervous to break something but alas, I pulled them out, then trimmed down my MCR nozzles to fit in the ABS block that was installed in the flamethrower. Made the holes bigger to run the wiring, and install the push buttons, and we got power! I used a straw taped to the LED’s to phish the wiring thru the actual housing. The Fettpride gauntlet does not have a removable “bottom plate” like others; just a small access hole from inside the gauntlet...


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Quiet few days for me and the family. The girls are sick, my wife and I are coming down with it too. Had the furnace on the fritz this weekend, and also our internet provider (Spectrum) had to run a new line from the pole to our house.

Decided to post some pictures of the ammo belt that I did over the summer. Hoping some warm weather will head our way!

I carefully sliced slivers of masking tape for the stitching, then sprayed the belt, pouches and extra thread with leather spray dye on a “kabob”. Once the masking was removed, I sanded and sliced my belt in random locations. Came out great, as the MOW belt color looks good when exposed after weathering the topcoat!

My ROTJ FP2 lid from Fettpride gets delivered tomorrow!!!


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Well, I have an underwhelming update on this crummy Saturday AM; the expected arrival of my FPH2 lid was Thursday. It did not arrive, and when I track it thru USPS the expected arrival date is no longer listed. It says “in transit, arriving late”. Needless to say I’m beyond frustrated, and don’t really know what’s going on with it, or who (if anyone) I can contact...

Also, I’ve been looking into my knee darts & armor, and realized that the armor from Fettpride did NOT include the foam inserts. Does anyone know where I can get those to simplify my attachment!?!

Lord Fett

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Question about the right chest armor. I have asked this question while building my rotj and was informed that it does't have an actual dent in the armor, and that is was just painted. Some of the reference pictures I saw looked like a dent but others show it is just painted to look like one. What have you learned about this.