Bolts on Shoulder (and cod?)

I think I read somewhere about using furniture pads for those. you know the ones you put on the bottom of legs of a couch or something.
There are little stoppers. Not quite for legs on furniture but for doors and door handles that work well, if I remember correctly they are a little small though. Hope this helps.
I just made one out of wood and then cast them out of resin. I haven't painted them yet but here is a pic. It gives me a chance to put a small bolt in them while they are setting up. I think people have also used keyboard keys. There not too hard to make so good luck!

I tried keyboard keys a while back. I sanded them flat (the bottoms were slanted) and then filled them with epoxy. I tried sitting a bolt into them, but when the whole thing would screw down, the bolt would always come off. Next I made some out of sculpy (sp?) and I set the bolts in while they were cooking. Didn't work. The all broke into tiny pieces when I tried screwing them on. Does anyone just use snaps for connecting the back and collar and put decorative glued down cubes? I'm out of ideas

DL44 Blaster wrote:

Got me a set of Deans purty machined ones last year :)


Damn. I was going to ask if anyone was interested in a set of aluminum ones.:facepalm I'm making them for myself, and it's actually easier to make a BUNCH. Like a machined waffle.:p I'll have to check with Dean to see if he still has them.
Well, I'm still waiting to find out from Dean. I figure $7 a set (of 4), shipped. I won't be doing a HUGE amount. Probably in the area of 36- 72 (9-18 sets). For now.;)
Don't forget about the two on either side of the cod peice,butt plate.Giving a total of 6.There is a specific press photo of ROTJ Fett where you can clearly see a shoulder bolt on the cod where it must hold the cod/butt on. :)

Crap, I just realized I hijacked.:o
Sorry about that, it just occurred to me now.

I didn't know if the two on the codpiece were confirmed or not. Hell, I just thought the "buttplate" was a shoulder strap pad or something. I'd say $10.50 for the set of 6, then. But I'll start a whole new thread, once I hear from Dean. Sorry about that. Bad manners.
I made some tonight. They're almost done. I'm doing them in stages, so no finished pics yet, but I should be done by this weekend, maybe Monday. I think I made too many. It took way too long.

I guess I'll go start a thread.;)
Does any one have a pic for reference of where these go?
I'm working on a Jango but I must have missed something.
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