Boba's/Jeremy's height/build?

Not sure if this really belongs in the helmet section, but it pertains to helmet size vs body size so I'll stick it here for now...mods feel free to move if necessary. First, how big of a guy was Jeremy Bulloch during ESB filming? I think I read somewhere he was around 6' /6'1" or so. I ask because I am 6'1" and 155 lbs soaking wet, and I'd like to make sure my bucket has the right "look"...if you know what I mean. I read a post on here somewhere that said something to the effect of "if you look closely at the screen caps, boba really resembles a bobblehead" and I've noticed that lol...currently I have a reworked DP95 that (even being the smallest of the buckets) with my body type is just a bit too small. Having just completed the chest/shoulder armor on my TK409 vest, I tried it on over the jumpsuit and the bulk of the vest/armor adds what visually looks like 15 lbs or so. Soooo.....having said all that, here is the question: which bucket for me? I'm thinking one of Sarge's simply because it is "movie sized" and from what I understand my body is close to "movie sized" as well...but I don't know the actual measurements of any of the readily available fan-made helmets, so I have no basis for comparison to my DP. I could post pics if necessary but I don't have the neck seal yet, and I think that it will only make the bucket look smaller since it makes your neck look bigger. Ok I'm done now...lot of writing for a simple question I guess,, but hopefully will make for some interesting discussion! Thanks a ton!

-rocky b
Hey Rocky, Glad you posted this, I've been trying to figure this out as well. I have a BM bucket (ROTJ) that was built to be screen accurate and It's 10'' in depth (front to back ) and 9 1/2'' in width (from ear to ear) I'm not sure of the measurements myself, but this will be answered soon. C
I thought he was closer to 5'8". When he is standing right behind Han Solo in the ESB they are almost the same height. Harrison Ford is 6'1" so he is definitely not taller than that.
I think it's anywhere from 5'10" to 6' and 165-180lbs. Anywhere in that range your good to go. Outside of that is OK too but not as accurate.
Hey Rocky, Glad you posted this, I've been trying to figure this out as well. I have a BM bucket (ROTJ) that was built to be screen accurate and It's 10'' in depth (front to back ) and 9 1/2'' in width (from ear to ear) I'm not sure of the measurements myself, but this will be answered soon. C

Wow that sounds DP95 with a craft hoop inside for flare isn't far off from that...about 9" ear to ear and the same front to back and I was under the impression that the DP's were the smallest buckets out there! Sooo...what should I do? From what I'm hearing I'm a good 3" taller than Jeremy so even a movie-sized helmet might look too small. I hate to seem nit-picky but I have seen numerous pics of fan-made costumes (excellent down-to-the-last-scratch accurate) that just didn't have "the look" because the bucket was too small, but I have yet to see ONE that made me think "dang that helmet is just *too* big". I don't even know the sizes of the different buckets out there and the only one I have seen in person is the DP that I own. On the upside, I have a kinda small head so I should have no problem fitting all the nifty electronics and comfy fans inside a decent-sized bucket! any and all advice is welcome!

-rocky b
I am on for the Height!!!!! 5'10 and 1/2 lol I just need to gain some weight im at 140 pounds, darn metabolism............
I hear ya metabolism resembles that of a hummingbird! All through high school and college I heard "oh yeah just wait it will catch up to you"...well i'm creeping up on 31 and it hasn't caught me yet! But back to the question...what helmet for me?? I have searched the forum and found comparison pics but none have been next to a DP95...and I haven't found any measurements for the different makers. I vaguely recall possibly reading somewhere that Sarge's Mystery Helmet is 11" wide and deep maybe i think? Thanks in advance!

-rocky b
Jeremy told me that he was about 6' tall when he filmed ESB, but the official size for the Character according to a recent Star Wars publication is 1.78m (5' 10").

So the costume is built for a 6' guy but the character is supposed to be 5'10"....:facepalm

Thats what I thought bobamaker...but I'm new around here so i didn't want to dispute anyone. That makes life easier I think...since pretty much any of the movie sized buckets should work. I'm actually in love with your product but from the threads I have seen I understand it is 223 mm ear to ear and 245 front to back correct? That is 2 mm narrower than my modded DP and 10 mm more front to why does the flare on yours look so much better than mine?? well...other than the fact that mine is a DP95 obviously :lol:
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dang, some of you guys are skinney! i'm 5'11"ish, and weigh about 230 lbs. only my best friend would call me fat, he likes to give me a hard time about it, but most people would say that i'm stocky. i guess it's a small price to pay though for having high density bones that don't seem to break. dislocated plenty of joints though, they give a little bit easier i guess.
Fett is 6 foot with boots on:)

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