Boba's Belt ~ (Not the pouches) ~ Vinyl or Leather?


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I've PM'd a couple of people privately about this, but I haven't gotten a definitive answer, yet, so I figured I'd open it up to the forum here...

So what's the call? I understand the pouches on the MOM suit are definitely vinyl, but what about the actual belt they're mounted on?

Leather or Vinyl?

Ok. Well...either this is already common knowledge & I'm sitting here lookin' like an ass for asking, or nobody knows.

I've done a couple of searches through the belt threads but haven't seen anything the answers this question definitively.

I'm just curious. :facepalm
if you can make the belt of leather, is the best choice
why :confused 'cause the leather its more durable than leather, strongest, and yadda yadda yadda
vinil for a manequin its allright but for use, and use, and use again take the leather :)

oh and offcourse the vinil is more cheap than leather, but the "cheap cost the double"
Yeah, I know the difference between vinyl and leather.

I'm talking about the ACTUAL MOM Fett belt. What is it? Vinyl or leather?

And again - I'm not talking about the pouches. Just the actual waist belt.


Come on, Toby. Don't be shy! :lol:

Alright, I give up. From looking at the reference photos, I'm going to guess it's vinyl. I just thought some of you who've seen it up close would know for sure, that's all.
I guess I was kinda wondering the same thing BH. I know theres talk of this posted somewhere, but I couldn't find it either. From studying the pic on the ref CD, it really looks like it was leather too me! I made my 1st belt from double thick viynl, & it was pretty easy, but I was disappointed w/ the bulkiness/thickness. Again, not shure, but the real belt looks like leather too me. :)
MoM belt is vinyl or something very much like it :)
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