For Sale BobaMaker Size L Gloves - SOLD!!!

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Asking $60 shipped OBO - SOLD!!!!!!!

BobaMaker gloves circa 2017. I ended up replacing them with Mike M's gloves. Only really worn twice for maybe 2-4 hours in total last year for Halloween.

My Pre-Approval process let me know for these to be 501st approved batting needs to be inserted underneath all of the white padding. So unless your GML lets them slide that will need to be done for 501st approval.

These are a size large.

On this pair the in between the fingers parts are sort of short for my own hand, so it sort of makes your palms look larger than they really are? I don't know if it's just the way BobaMaker makes gloves, but otherwise they fit just fine for me.

bobamaker gloves.jpg

bobamaker gloves 2.jpg
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